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Reflection by a Newly Elected Vice Captain

Alisha Kalyanpur – Vice Captain, Adventurers

“Elections?  No way am I going to stand!” That would have been my response a few weeks ago. But

Eventually my curiosity as to whether I stood a chance in contesting at all, as well as my growing Adventurer spirit, overcame my fear and I found myself handing in my nomination.

Next thing I knew, I was in the midst of the campaigning week! Stars, slogans and stickers- the week was an interesting one. Different candidates had different approaches. Some people approached house members and had conversed with them, while others resorted to posters and stickers.  The school became resplendent with banners, badges and generally, colour. Excitement and anticipation were in the air. And the most common question soon became, “who are you going to vote for?” Of course, there were some people who were only going to decide who to vote for after the speeches.  The speeches, writing and delivering the speeches themselves, were like climbing a mountain. You know your aim, you just don’t know what you will come across along the way.  Delivering the speech twice was definitely nerve racking, however, considering only half the number of eyes and ears were present, it was an ideal situation to be able to hang on to every word and convey the message.

Everyone was initially nervous, but when you are standing on the podium, eyes staring up at you and microphone in front of you, you tend to forget the world, your fears and everything else and just speak; and that’s exactly what I did. Next thing you know, you have an overwhelming sense of relief.

Then came the actual elections… It was a feeling I had never experienced before, knowing that those red election slips had my name on them. I had never voted for myself before!

Before I knew it, I was standing in the line of Adventurers, hoping for the best. My heart filled with joy when I heard my name called out! Elated, I walked to the front and officially took up the responsibility of being a leader. I vowed to not just be any leader, but a good leader.

I look back at the past few weeks and am convinced that all in all, the elections were an interesting experience. I had learnt a lot about people and most importantly, about myself. I look forward to a great year ahead, and I thank my house for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime to be the best vice-captain I can possibly be.  Let’s rock this party!

By: Alisha Kalyanpur – Vice Captain, Adventurers