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Samarth Nagarkar’s session on classical Indian Music

Mr. Samarth Nagarkar, enthralled the students of Inventure Academy on the 9th Jan 2013. His musical presentation provided an insight  about the beauty, history, range, scope and sheer depth of Hindustani classical music.  The children appreciated his concise and clear explanations about raag, taan, vilambit, etc.  One could clearly see that students were not only intrigued, but highly fascinated by this musical form.  The students who are musically inclined and are already learning either Carnatic or Hindustani classical music were further encouraged and inspired by his visit.

Excerpts from his letter:
“Music, if pursued seriously, provides one with great insight, character and ability to train one’s own mind with a high sense of awareness and aesthetics. I am extremely pleased to see your school giving your students the exposure to Indian music during these crucial formative years of their lives. I was especially impressed at their level of awareness of Indian music. Further the questions they asked displayed an enthusiastic and energetic interest in learning and exploring new things, in this case Indian music. My heart goes out to Inventure Academy for their initiatives in exposing their students to multiple areas of learning to build a well-rounded personality through the right kind of education.”

Samarth Nagarkar