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Save the Tiger – Grade 4 Project


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Our students from Grade 4, visited the Bannerghatta National Park at the beginning of this academic year as a part of our EcoSlate Project. The idea behind the field trip was to identify an animal we wanted to sponsor for a year.  We looked at various options, including adopting a python! The unanimous choice was the regal tiger.

Tigers have lost 93% of their historic range in less than a century. Their habitat has been destroyed, degraded and fragmented by human activities, including clearing of forests for agriculture, timber trade and building of network of roads. Fewer tigers can survive in small islands of habitat; this has led to inbreeding and made the tigers vulnerable to poaching. Saving the tigers is simple. All they need is enough prey, space and protection. Today there are only about 1411 Bengal tigers left. At Inventure, we have made a pledge to try and adopt at least one tiger every year at the Bannerghatta National Park.  

In an effort to raise the required funds to adopt a tiger Grade 4 have printed calendars featuring a Tiger theme (Rs.200 per calendar). Amounts received from calendar sales will contribute towards this ambitious goal of raising Rs. 1 lakh that will help us adopt a tiger at the Bannergatta National Park. The school has agreed to match the contributions if the students collect Rs. 50,000/-

The aim of this project is to involve the students and parents directly in this endeavour and enable social responsibility in a fun way. We look forward to your cooperation and support.