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Searching For David’s Heart: A Review

‘Searching For David’s Heart’ is a story that has that Christmas spirit, that kind of magic. This story is something that a lot of people can relate to. It all starts when Darcy’s brother, David, gets a girlfriend. Darcy’s emotions have taken the wrong turn, as she gets neglected by her brother. Darcy starts to feel jealous, and all her happiness gets crushed by David’s girlfriend. At Darcy’s birthday party, David’s girlfriend shows up, even though she was never invited. Darcy’s anger bubbles up inside of her, furious that the J-Word (Darcy’s nickname for David’s girlfriend) has ruined her party.

Later that night, Darcy spies on David and the J-Word, at the local park. She lets out all her frustration and anger on J-Word and David. A thundering fight rages between David and Darcy. Darcy runs away, with David chasing after her. Running at full speed, David gets hit by a car, and unfortunately dies. The entire story’s plot and climax starts here.

‘Searching For David’s Heart’ is a very powerful story that can take you on an emotional journey. It makes your realize values and importance of family, and how powerful emotions can be. It’s not that kind of story where you read it and put it down for good. It’s the kind of story that you read, and once you finish, you immediately start to feel a change inside of you. You feel that compulsion to cry when the characters cry, laugh when they laugh, and smile when they smile. It is definitely NOT easy to put down.

As soon as you start reading, the story ropes you in, and tells a tale that will make you never want to come out. This story can make you realize that you shouldn’t interfere in other’s lives, and live your own. It can also show you how extreme consequences can be, like the death of your own brother. I would highly recommend this book to ages 10 and over. As quoted on the back of the book, this is definitely a journey of faith, hope, and love.
Sandhya Saikumar
Grade 6A