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Sports Day 2012

As the blue, orange and white balloons representing Inventure’s school colours rose merrily towards the azure skies, spectators craned their necks to see where the balloons would go.  Some of the little ones pointed at the cluster of balloons well after the adults had lost sight of them.  In those few moments, as the balloons rose towards the heavens, the athletes realized in their hearts what these balloons symbolized and it did not matter to them where the balloons would go; for, they knew….  The balloons represented the dreams of participants from each house: Adventurers, Inventors, Nurturers and Venturers, to participate and individually reach for the sky in their efforts.   

Inventurers are driven; driven to reach their true potential.  In those soaring balloons, lay the aspirations of every Sports Day participant – to reach for the stars.  But at Inventure, excellence and reaching for the stars is not just about winning…  A profound statement in an article written by a young Inventurer about Sports Day, reads:  “Even though I failed to qualify for any events during the heats and knew I would win no medals, I was satisfied in knowing that participation is a prize in itself.”   This statement epitomizes the essence of Inventure’s Core Purpose: “At Inventure Academy we aim to instill in students the ability and conviction to realize their full potential and excel anywhere in the world.”

This year’s Sports Day was split into two action – packed days – Friday, December 14th was the Primary School Sports Day and Saturday, December 15th was the Senior School Sports Day.  The Inventure School Band, led by our own Mr. Ravinder, accompanied the students during the much appreciated March Past.  This was followed by a lively rendition of the New Orleans classic, “When the Saints go Marching In” by 40 flautists and a bass drummer.  After a sizzling solo performance with perfectly coordinated beats on a dozen snares by the drummers of the Inventure Academy Band playing in unison, the events of the two days of high drama on the sports field began to unfold.

While the participants give it their all on the field, the Young Entrepreneurs Program, with several exciting stalls, were busy making quick sales on beverages and food.  Of course, the blazing sunshine helped in that process, too!  Iced tea, ice cream sundaes, pani puri, nachos, barbecue chicken, cupcakes, chips and dip were some of the exciting items on offer.  There were also a few stalls set-up for video and other engaging games.  The young entrepreneurs had turned in detailed business plans and had strategized on where to set-up their stalls to elicit maximum sales.  All profits from sales were earmarked for the Community Outreach Program at three of the government schools adopted by Inventure.  The business savvy entrepreneurs managed to gross over Rs, 1,00,000 in sales over two days, with an estimated nett profit of Rs, 75,000.  The funds raised through this effort will no doubt be a boon to Inventure’s Community Outreach Program.

Nooraine Fazal, CEO and Managing Trustee of Inventure Academy, was emphatic in her appreciation of the way this year’s Sports Day was conducted.  She wrote the following in an e-mail to the school community – “This has easily been the best sports day I have experienced as a member of the Inventure team. I say this based on a number of reasons, including:

1) Broad based participation from faculty with role, outcome and expectations clearly communicated and accepted

2) Sporting excellence – the standard of athletics this year was nothing short of outstanding

3) Wonderful school spirit…. strong competition on the field and equally strong friendship and visible support of it

4) Few wonderful surprises in the outcome of the races, showcasing amazing athletic talent

5) Events for athletes as well as non-athletes (open races) provided an opportunity for all to contribute points towards their individual houses.

6) Art & design element – the dance, drills, enclosures, mascots, etc were of outstanding standard.

7) Young Entrepreneurs –  added colour, flavour and a sense of purpose, particularly for the students not participating much in the track & field events on the final day.   An excellent learning experience for them, indeed.  These funds will help us implement an entrepreneurship program in Gunjur Government High school.

8) We made an excellent choice of chief guests who delivered meaningful messages.”

The Chief Guests who graced the occasion over the two days were, Mr. Zeeshan Ali, Indian tennis player of national and international repute who runs an exclusive tennis training academy at Inventure –  and ace horse racing jockey, Mr. Suraj Narredu – .  Both delivered meaningful speeches that inspired the athletes and spectators alike.

At Inventure Academy’s Sports Day, it’s not just the kids who participate…  The Support Staff put on a wonderful display of high class running and competed enthusiastically with each other.  Not to be outdone, parents and faculty also participated in their own races eagerly.  The enthusiasm amongst the parents was palpable in the air, even as one special person (a grandmother of a student) received a medal for her enthusiastic participation, thus echoing beautifully the sentiments expressed by our young Inventurer referred to earlier.   After giving out the awards for the most exciting sprinting events, the Annual Sports Day 2012 – 2013, ended in the afternoon on Saturday, December 15, 2012.

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Do refer to the table of results below for a bird’s eye view of the various events and the results.