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Student Council Elections 2012

Senior School Student Council

Elections 2012 Update

Elections to the Middle and Senior School student Council have been announced. This Election is in 2 phases:

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Phase 1 – Election of House Captains and House Vice Captains – this is open to all students of Grades 10, 11 and 12 who have been at Inventure for at least 1 year and meet a list of eligibility criteria, including Academic grades, attendance and excellence in Sports and Co-curricular activities. There are 15 candidates standing for election this year. Campaigning has begun and all candidates have put up colourful posters around campus. Meanwhile the members of the Events POD have been busy getting the ballot boxes ready and making arrangements for the Speeches which the candidates will make on the 19th. Elections will be held on the 23rd of July and 2 candidates will be elected by each house.

Phase 2 – Selection of the Senior School Captain, Sports Captain and Captain for Beyond Academics [BA] – Candidates from Grade 11 and 12, who have been elected in Phase 1, are eligible for these posts. They will make their speeches to Faculty and Members of the Management Team on 24th July and the names of the candidates selected to these posts will be announced on the same day.

Meanwhile arrangements for the Investiture Ceremony, to be held on the 27th of July, have also begun. Justice Santosh Hegde has kindly consented to grace the occasion and he will also be addressing the senior school students after the ceremony. The stage decorations are being created and an audition for MCs [from Grade 9] is being held early next week. Invitations and Program sheets are being created by students of the Events POD.

Candidates nominated to the Student Council Elections 2012

Adventurers                                                        Inventors

Duruvan Saravanan – 11 AS                                   Tanuj Lalwani – 10 ICSE

Alisha Kalyanpur – 10 ICSE                                  Maya Sanaba – 10 IGCSE

Sruthi Ravichandran –  10 IGCSE                       Parthiv Shah – 10 IGCSE

Manasi Rao – 10 ICSE

Nurturers                                                             Venturers

Sruthi Senthil Kumar – 11 AS                                 Radhika Malaviya  – 11 AS

Nakul Jajoo – 11 AS                                                  Dipali Bajaj – 11 AS

Kriti Verghese – 10 ICSE                                         Tejas Rao – 10 IGCSE

Akshay Bhamadipati – 10 ICSE                             Tanya Sharma – 10 IGCSE