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Awesome Student Led Conferences- K1 and K2

Kindergarteners wowed parents with their Student Led Conferences on Thursday 31 March 2016– a different version of PTM – where students of K1 and K2 took their respective parents through the journey of learning over the year. Basically, each child shared their portfolios of work with their parents without the teacher’s assistance.

Sharing the Kindergarten experience below as an example of innovation and empowering true learning….
‘Like last year, this year too our SLC was a huge success .The confidence levels of our children were brimming. They were able to explain each and every sheet in the portfolio without being tutored. Thank you for initiating it and giving us an opportunity to learn and grow as teachers.’

Reflection of the student led conference:
Students took ownership of their learning experience, sitting at the table with their parents and shared their body of work through portfolios and work samples.

Highlights of SLC

• Increased pride in achievement among students

• Increased confidence and independence

• More positive student‐teacher relationships

• Increase parental participation in their child’s school life

• Parents were emotional and in awe of their child’s presentation.

• Improved communication with parents, resulting in deeper understanding of and confidence in what happens at school’

‘The children surprised us with their confidence when they spoke to their parents in front of their teachers. It was a definitely a noticeable difference because usually when they see parents and teachers together, they are not in their comfort zone and totally shut down. This was how the academic year began. But now to see the babies say so much about their work with pride was nothing short of ecstasy for parents, Celine and me.
Each child’s journey was watched on the big screen by the child, the parents and the teachers. The emotions were personal and something transpired between all of us at the time that left us all teary eyed and speechless (mean literally). But the take away is, we must do this every year and make sure that parents actually know how their child has been in school, the side that they never see. Wrap it up and give to them to cherish forever.’
Congratulations Kindergarten Team !

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