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Summer internship program by Times NIE – Day 2.

Report: Day 2 (TOI course)

The 2nd day of the workshop mainly concentrated on the art of writing a report. The day started early in the morning at around 8:30 AM. Instead of being caught yawning, we were all bustling with enthusiasm as we eagerly entered the office. It was a little difficult to get through the crowd of parents, who clustered at the entrance of the room, as constant ‘good lucks’ and ‘good byes’ flew around. Anticipating another excellent session with TOI, we took our seats and patiently waited for everyone to file in. The attendance was passed around the room, as an annoyed Ms. Diana clearly instructed the absent-minded among us to sign on the correct date, and not a few days ahead, as a few had done yesterday.

First, we were given a report of all the happenings of yesterday by a student. Our teacher then led us through the entire process of making a newspaper, from scratch. To give a broad view, we learnt about the reporter’s job (including an insight into a few different beats), the desk (copy-editing), illustrations, advertisements, page (graphic) designing, while also touching the topic news agencies. There was also a small discussion on how the current modern-day process differed from that in the olden days. Truly, none of us had ever realized that the process required so much attention and were astonished at how specific they were to even the smallest details, such as how they introduced a name.

She then took us through a detailed PowerPoint presentation on how to write a newspaper report. We learnt the 5W’s and 1H, how to attract the reader’s attention, as well as the ‘do’s and don’ts’. She also talked about how a newspaper report is different and much better than an agency report, on not only the written content, but also for the writers (mainly by the use of a byline). It was also interesting to note that reporters always try to be optimistic, so that readers don’t get negative vibes and have pleasant mornings.

After this, we were left to group with our respective partners, and use the information we had collaborated yesterday on each of our chosen topics to create a report. Most of us enjoyed calling up and interviewing experts to substantiate our reports. It was funny to note that, when she said ‘use quotes’, some student’s misunderstood it for famous quotes such as those by Aristotle.  Keeping in mind everything we learnt, we started writing our report, which required a great deal of focus. Everyone got involved in their own groups as each tried to make the perfect news report, and not stray away to a featured report. This was time-consuming, and most of us only finished editing and finalizing the report at the end of the session.

Overall, today was another day of excitement and each of us eagerly await the discussion on our reports tomorrow.

Signing off for now,
Aashna Bafna,