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Swimming Meet – Individual Championships

Topping the medal table with 25 points, Surabhi Parthasarathy (Grade 5) was a clear winner at the Primary Swim Meet, followed by Aayush Kannan Datta and Arin Vugane, who scored 19 points each.

Surabhi said her victory was because of her training and determination. “I just wanted to win, especially for my brother who has gone off to college this year; to show my love and that I will miss him.”

The full list of winners is below:

Individual Championships

Name House Points
1 Surabhi Parthasarathy Nurturers 25
2 Aayush Kannan Dutta Arin Vugane Nurturers Adventurers 19
3 Tia Bali Adventurers 18
4 Manan Gupta Venturers 15
5 Arjun Ambarish Kenghem Venturers 13
6 Sunaina Balakrishna Nurturers 13
7 Jiya Gupta Venturers 10
8 Aakriti Ravinder Inventors 8
9 Rohan Agarwal Shaurya Kaushik Adventurers Nurturers 8
10 Abhishek Mukherjee Adventurers 6