INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

Meet Tejas Rao, Gujarat National Law University – Nurtured at Inventure, Ready for the World

1. What are you currently doing?

I presently study Law, for an Honours dual-degree in Arts & Law at the Gujarat National Law University.

2. Which colleges did you receive acceptances from? Which did you choose and why?

I applied to and received acceptances to study Law at King’s College London, as a Dickson Poon Scholar, and subsequently from University College London, the University of Durham & Warwick University. Additionally, I was accepted at the School of Law, Christ University. All of these acceptances were prior to the CLAT Examination.

Having secured a rank via the Common Law Admission Test, amidst 45,000 test-takers, I got a merit seat at the Gujarat National Law University. I chose GNLU over all other colleges owing to my desire to stay within the country and discover it further, and my wish to possibly come back to India and practice Law one day.

I also dream of making a change within the sphere of Legal Education and Practice within India – and learning about the workings of the system was possibly the best way to do it. Lastly, India’s Legal Education focuses a lot more on practical learning, with internship breaks after every semester and opportunities to participate at Moot Court Competitions and Debate Competitions.

3. How has Inventure helped you achieve your goals thus far?

Inventure was the stepping stone and breeding ground for me – in terms of everything I learned about subjects I studied, and the way I discovered myself – my passions, my inhibitions, my strengths and my hobbies. The faculty at school allowed me to go beyond what was in the textbooks and the syllabus and read around the things taught at school, which was lovely – it inculcated a passion in me for research.

Additionally, the beauty of school and my fondest memories lie in the amount of autonomy I was given as a student – to join all the clubs I desired, or PODs that I wished to, which enabled me to find my penchant for public speaking, and seize every opportunity around me – whether these were MUNs I attended, or visiting the National Law School in Bangalore for Debates – which was where I ultimately found the Law.

School also ensured we did an internship, and introduced me to a wide range of people, such as Ms. Menaka Guruswamy, whose success stories and inspiration guides me in my work and studies even today.

4. Why would you recommend Inventure to a friend/anyone you know?

This is a biased question – as an alumnus, Inventure is the only school I’d recommend to anybody and my heart bleeds the Orange, White & Blue, as my mind chants Carpe Diem. But if I have to set that bias aside and reason my decision, I’d highly recommend Inventure for the following reasons:


The Student Population: Inventure’s student crowd is the most dynamic crowd I’ve been a part of – and there’s so much to learn everyday from people around you. In the 12th Grade, especially, I found my classmates to be the most comforting, inspirational, and humble people I knew – and that creates motivation to come to school everyday. School is an atmosphere of fun – even in classrooms, so learning isn’t stressful or strenuous. It’s enjoyable.


The Faculty: The Faculty-Student relationship is the one that stands out at Inventure. Teachers go beyond their call-of-duty, acting as Mentors and Guides, and as Heads of PODs or Beyond Academics, teach you so much about organizing events, and organizing your life, and figuring out values and morals you stand for. I knew I could speak to my Faculty about everything under the sun, whether these were problems at home, or conflicts in my brain, and having multiple Grievance Counselors, or fora to address concerns was lovely.

Teachers are also receptive to feedback in senior classes – so if we told our teacher we were bored, they found ways to make classes more lively and interactive – through models, or fun activities to make learning so much more enjoyable. For the A Levels I took, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


The Facilities and Infrastructure: Can you name something the school doesn’t have? I think the beauty of Inventure lies within how much the school helps you find yourself. You want to be a champion footballer? We have the Coaches, the Field, and the Opportunity. You want to become a Theatre Artist? We have annual productions. You’re an avid reader? Every book you want is in the Library. You’re a budding Musician? There’s the Music Room. There’s nothing school doesn’t give you. It’s just the question of going and using it.


The Administration and all the Support Staff: What I loved was how much the Administrative Staff helped the students. Nobody is as helpful. I’ve spoken and interacted with students from several schools, and no one can match the warmth of Preet Ma’am greeting you every morning, or Varsha Ma’am helping you out with any issues you may have. Every student forms relationships with every single adult at school, and as part of the Inventure family, going out into a big, scary world isn’t as scary, because you know the warmth of individuals, and how easy it is to strike and form a rapport with people.


The Community Outreach: I undertake Pro-Bono Work at college, and serving the society is something that is inherently part of my profession. But Inventure really taught me the value of these tasks through different opportunities – whether it was visiting the Urdu School, or the Government Schools around us – I learnt the importance of helping the underprivileged and enabling them to reach a fair start.

5. What were your major accomplishments at school?

The MUN Culture I helped to create is one of my favourites. It’s so nice to see my juniors – the ones I trained with my batchmates, winning awards at every Conference they go to these days. It’s very father-like, in a lot of ways. I was an active MUNer, and served as an Assistant Director at the Harvard MUN India 2013, in addition to winning awards at other conferences.

A treasured accomplishment was hosting INMUN 2014 – my last INMUN, which had over 100 participants, a huge improvement from the 15 that MUNed during the first edition. At the NLS Debate, I was a semi-finalist. Additionally, my most treasured accomplishments and memories are from my tenure on the Student Council – I was Venturers House Captain & School Captain, and raising Rs. 7 Lakhs through The Kick, The Quest, The Question, for an underfunded school was a satisfying feeling.

Lastly, working for the DAKSH Legislation Drafting Challenge, winning an Honorable Mention in a college-level competition, and working on Our Safety, Our Voice, are memories and experiences I value deeply.

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