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The Dance for a Cause experience

Preparing for my Dance for a Cause program was an experience of a lifetime. The reason for this uniqueness was because I had never done anything like it before. I was used to classical dancing to classical music in a classical auditorium. However, this program, titled ‘Dance for a Cause’, was going to be classical dancing set to completely non-classical music in a non-classical theatre. It was an out-of-this-world idea!
The first half of the performance was purely classical, with me, my co-dancer Shruthi and my teacher Kanya Ramachandran Tayalia dancing 5 items in total. The grand finale was titled Sadhbhavana, a 30 minute fusion dance performed to the musical compositions by Mozart, Benjamin Britten, A R Rahman, Bryan Adams and Michael Jackson. Sadhbhavana depicted the evolution of man and how his greed overpowered him, causing a war between himself and anger. Man triumphs, anger is buried and peace prevails. We ended the performance by swaying to We are the World and urging people to save our Mother Earth.
The performance took a month to prepare for and was filled with a variety of moments, both exciting and scary. A week before the show, we realized that we had only completed learning half the dance. Nevertheless, the show was a sell out and we raised over Rs. 5 lakhs. The reson behind Dance for a Cause initiative was to put up playgrounds in underprivileged schools in India. We had aimed at putting up a modest 3 playgrounds but we were able to raise enough for 8 playgrounds!
The inaugural event ‘Sadhbhavana’ by Dance for a Cause on Sunday, the 21st of August could rightly be called a grand success. It truly was a magical evening in front of several friends, family and total strangers united by the cause “People4People” who we support. It was great to see our performance was sought after by so many people who wanted to come and support us. We were really fortunate to be able to translate Rs. 5 lakhs into 8 playgrounds for schools in India. We were not only able to support a common cause but also were able to bring the community together to enjoy a program by the community in the beautiful Jagriti theatre right here in our community. It was not just a dance, but had a nobler cause that I was proud to support.

Alisha Kalyanpur
Grade 9 ICSE