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The Horizon to the Seashore

I sat on a crimson bed,
covers upon my head.

How I came to the city, I don’t know
the beach-side is the place where I want to go.

I felt the sea lashing on my feet,
I loved the sand radiating heat.

My sister and I collected seashells and fishes,
that’s one of my best wishes.

I could picture the straw, petite shack, my very old home.
Over here, I feel like I don’t want to be shown.

I just don’t like it here!
My beach doesn’t seem near!

Over here, it is impossible to win,
I just would love to swim!

The doors are forcing me to stay
but I want to go out and play.

My dormitory is a jail,
I could only communicate to my family by mail.

I don’t know anything my mistress taught me: manners and rules,
I don’t want my frilly gowns and jewels!

When I look out through my window, the beachside seems far
And all I can see is pollution, beggars and cars.

“You’re so stupid!” the books, paper and pencils said.
All the letters and numbers didn’t cling to my head…

Over here, I have to follow etiquette, like standing in line,
I couldn’t even see the sunshine!

I have to look at my jeering classmates and dismal Mistress Amelia,
instead of seeing the lovable eyes of my mother, father and sister Jessica.

But I am eleven.
Unlike my sister, I’m not seven.

I have to learn English and math,
science and monotonous facts.

Over the smog and rusty buildings,
I see the golden and rouge horizon of the sun

That is located adjacent to the shore
As one day, I will go back there, I’ll wait no more!

Reshmita K