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The “SENSE” of Nostalgia by Pranav 8 IG

I’m walking down this one way road of Life
With its twists and turns at every bend
Trudging and struggling through the dark
Dreading the find of a dead end

Each day brings with it fresh troubles
Riddled with anxiety, uncertainty and fear
But I cannot just stop and give up
I’ve GOT to persevere

But when I reach a fork on the road
And mull over which path to take
I pause for a moment and look back
At the journey I left in my wake

Sometimes I can almost FEEL IT…..

My mother’s caressing gentle touch
Slight as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings
Or the bubbly cool of the Ocean spray
Leaving lingering salty stings

The frost encrusted window panes
Cold, brittle like the hail outside
Vertigo, upon the play park swings
Lurching back and forth, as surely as the tide

Sometimes, I can almost HEAR IT…..

The playful laugh of my caring father
Rough, hearty and loving as ever
The constant flow and ebb of the sea
Swashing and sighing as it has done forever

The impatient whistle of the pressure cooker
Hissing and bubbling upon the flame
The staccato bursts of rustle from trees
That always seemed to whisper my name

Sometimes, I can almost SMELL IT….

The fierce aroma of spring-borne petals
Sweet, delicate and masked by dew
Or the damp, rotting wood below the sink
Eye-watering-ly musty and mildewed

Spearmint, a tantalizingly refreshing scent
Strong and fresh as newly mowed grass
The numbing antiseptic as it pervaded the air
Pricking, foul and sharp as glass

Sometimes, I can almost TASTE IT…..

The sharp tanginess of forgotten candy
Taking my tongue for a roller coaster ride
The blissful hot soup on a winter day
Like liquid gold, leaving me fuzzy inside

The burst of tartness from a raspberry
Cool and wet against the summer’s heat
The traces of forbidden cake frosting
Upon my lips from smuggled treats

Sometimes, I can almost SEE IT…..

The pine sheltered cottage I once called home
Burning majestically in dawn’s rosy streaks
The innocent brown eyes of a spring fawn
Soft and tender as a baby’s cheeks

The smooth simplicity of Easter egg hunts
Like carelessly littered rainbows across the lawn
Showers of autumn-stained leaves, like blood rain
Announcing that warmth of the summer had gone

But then, everything fades…..

All vanished. All passed. All gone.
Then why should I bother to look back?
If all these memories are noting but a burden
Shouldn’t I just continue with my track?

It’s these memories that define me
And though seemingly they may have perished
They give me hope for the future ahead
They’re nostalgic treasures, I’ll always cherish

And in the future…..

No matter how many challenges I would’ve faced
And how many problems I’d have met
The past will give me rays of hope
So I’d rather remember than forget