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The Umbrella Dance- Inventure Production, 2013

Dance is something that expresses your emotions in the most beautiful way. It creates a moment of self-display and grace. It requires style, energy and passion but obtaining these is not all that simple.

In this year’s production, dance was a challenge. Nine of us were chosen by our choreographer, Anshul Sir, to be a part of the England scene as Umbrella dancers. Learning the steps was easy but perfecting them was difficult.

Our props, umbrellas, were very large and hard to handle. Since there were so few of us, every mistake could be seen, so the coordination had to be really tight. People in our group kept getting injured so they prayed to get better as they wanted to continue in the dance.

Remembering the steps was a pain because they kept changing. I think we had about seven different versions of the first 15 seconds of our dance!

But as we continued, our energy levels, effort and coordination kept dropping. We sometimes became discouraged by many of our spectators’ comments during practices. Our teachers could see the standards were dropping because we were getting tired and discouraged.  Finally, Anshul Sir changed the entire choreography and added four more dancers to our performance.  That made a world of difference.  With the changes in choreography and additional dancers, the entire energy level of the dance improved and we were soon enjoying every second of the dance.

This experience gave many lessons and teachings. I learnt many techniques and styles of dance. I also learnt the true meaning of hard work and dedication. I also realized my full potential when I gave the dance my best.

Thank you Anshul Sir, Sushil Sir and all other teachers who helped us!