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Thinking with CERTAD

Zabil Noor Moinuddin, Biology teacher and Grade 8 IGCSE Class Teacher, was inspired by her four days of CERTAD (Centre for Education, Research, and Training & Development) training to write the following poem about her wonderful experience.

I entered the learning room with a spirit so thin

Before long, ideas started flooding in

Sandwich-making held my attention for a while,

As I wondered how this will affect my teaching style.


I pictured my class with a mind not so free,

For my thoughts spread around like the branches of a tree.

Fun and laughter filled the afternoon air

As we acted our roles without much care.

Making an owl was far beyond my rattled brain

But I knew for sure that CERTAD was for me to gain.


Second day was a lot about thinking

And it really did save my soul from sinking.

As affinity mapping became the focus of my day,

I knew that this is something I will put to use one day.


Third day began for me after a restful sleep

This made me think really hard and deep.

I found myself finding answers fast

And putting them down on post-it’s to last.

“Online Game” was an issue so tricky,

We didn’t realize how quickly we created a wiki.


I marveled at the creativity other teams spread before us,

And was once again assured that CERTAD brought out the best in us.

Thus ended my third day with CERTAD

With lot more learning than I already had.

Fourth day we entered a stress-free zone,

Our minds were cleared from fears unknown

Zentangle and book-making were fond memories to mark

We also had to taste and savor in the dark.


We put together memories of all the four days

And sat down to express our reflections in various ways.

Words are less to thank Inventure and CERTAD