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Tiger Project articles by students

Save Tiger                                                                –                                   Cheshana Chawla 4D

We fourth graders decided to adopt a tiger just like last year. My experience for saving the tiger was amazing. It was one of the best experiences at Inventure I have ever had. We raised money by putting up stalls of food. Me and my friend put up a Kurkure Chaat Stall. My friend Anvita put up a Bhel Puri Stall and my friend Diya put up a cake stall. All together (the whole fourth grade) earned almost Rs 75,000 though our goal was Rs 50,000. Now that we earned our money, we went to Banergatta zoo and adopted a Tiger named Shreyas a.k.a Inventure Parker.


My Experience of ‘Save Tiger’ Project             –                                   Anvita 4D

My experience of the project was great. It was one of my best experiences at Inventure. When I first found out that we would put up food stalls, I was very excited. Food was something that my mom was really good at. Every day, she would make something different. But alas, I was wrong. We couldn’t decide what to make. We finally chose Bhel Puri. And what a success it was! I finally sold everything and earned Rs 730. The reward was our visit to the Safari to adopt a tiger. If there is one thing I loved about 4th Grade, it is the Tiger Project.

My Experience of ‘Save Tiger’ Project             –                                   Diya Giri 4D

My experience of Save the Tiger project was one of the best things I got to do at Inventure Academy. I really enjoyed all the stalls that were put up from the Go Golas to the Kurkure Chat. Everything was awesome and it was all for a cause and that cause turned out to be a gorgeous majestic white tiger named Shreyas, christened by the previous fourth graders as Inventure Parker. I know that if I remember anything from 4 th grade, it will be the Tiger Project.


Save Tiger                                                                –                                   Aditi Khandivili

Yay! Today was the day we had been waiting for. My birthday? Well No…. Today was the day we were adopting a tiger, a beautiful white tiger named Shreyas. It probably would be one of my best experiences at Inventure Academy. Finally, it was time for the Long (and when I say long, I mean long) awaited Safari! We got into the jam packed van and it started. Though the drive was an adventure itself, I was only thinking about Shreyas, the tiger which we adopted for 1 lakh. We had earned money through food stalls. I put up a Kurkure Chaat one. We saw many animals – deer, bears, elephants, lions and tigers. But when I saw Shreyas, I was breath taken. If I remember stuff from 4th grade, it will be how lucky I was to do the tiger project.

  Additional as discussed by Mrinalini Giri –  mom of Diya – 4D

It is great to see the children start early. As I too am associated with social work, I feel good when children are encouraged to participate in such activities which surely will make them more aware and responsible citizens in the long run.