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To my students

To my students

As I bid adieu to yet another batch…..

I ask myself “What do I feel?”

I feel proud to have been part of their lives…

I ask myself “Would they recall the hurried crammed up facts?”

I believe that years from now they will perhaps remember some facts vaguely but they will reminisce on the stories we shared. Of kindness. Of Humaneness.

I ask myself “Did I not listen to their confused minds patiently?”

Yes, with a firm belief in the inherent goodness of young minds and young people

I ask myself “Did I leave any stone unturned towards success?”

Maybe yes, for I shared with them the importance of failures

I ask myself “Did I shower them with enough love and affection?”

I think I did. Despite the late submission, absenteeism, and occasional rebuke ☺

I ask myself “Will they remember me?”

They would reply “In our Nostalgia of Space? May be somewhere…yes somewhere.. “

And now I ask myself “What next” as I look around at the empty corridors …

And realise that ‘Life goes by in the blink of an eye’