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Tournament of Minds 2013-14

The academic year 2013-14 started with a bang. First, I was elected as a BA Captain and soon after that Tournament of Minds (TOM) was announced. I was very excited as beyond participation, I was also needed to help in organising the tournament. I knew it would be challenging but also fun at the same time. Inventure Academy promotes healthy competition and equal participation among students. The TOM is based on this philosophy.

TOM is an inter house competition that includes many categories like singing, dancing, elocution, Rubik’s cube, Sudoku and many others. There were also activities like jigsaw puzzles, painting, clay modelling etc. for the smaller kids. All in all there were load of categories for the students to showcase their talents. First there were trial rounds. The trial rounds took place every Tuesday. They were spread over a few weeks. Students were busy discussing with each other as to what event they should participate in. There was excitement in the air. Teachers were roped in as judges. Once the trial rounds were over, the results were tabulated and the selected students were informed. I do remember, once the results were out there was a big crowd around the notice board. Everybody wanted to check if they had been selected.

All the final rounds were scheduled on the same day. The big day was approaching and everybody was busy practicing. The excitement on the day of the finals was amazing. All the students were full of enthusiasm. The student council members were responsible for overall arrangements. We had to inform the teachers who had to preside as judges. All of us were given the list of participants. We had to make sure that the participants were present at the time of their event. This was a challenge as events were happening simultaneously. It was also our duty to see that microphone and other things were in order. Overall we had to ensure that everything happens smoothly.

The Tournament of Minds was a big challenge for the teachers and as well as for the student council members. Teachers did a wonderful job as judges. I must say they were unbiased and deserving students got the prizes. Venmal ma’am managed everything very well. She did not miss out on anything and everything was taken care of. TOM gave me an opportunity to hone my skills as a BA captain. It was a proud moment for all the council members as everything had gone well. It was a great learning experience!

Aditi Varma
Primary BA Captain