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Tournament of Minds

On September 23rd 2016, Primary school celebrated the Tournament of Minds (TOM).

The young stars of Grade 1 were brimming with confidence, as they recited their poems, sang beautiful melodies and danced enthusiastically. It was a visual treat for the audience watching them at the Primary courtyard.

The animated dancers of Grades 2 and 3 using the hula- hoop as a prop started with delicate feet tapping to a range of contemporary to more traditional music.

The melodious music of the various musical instruments ranging from a violin and tabla to electric guitars and keyboard was exemplary.

The students of Grades 4 and 5 brought alive the venue with their graceful dance and lively instrumental performances. It was interesting to hear their ideas and thoughts on a range of topics like use of technology, bandhs and extinction of dinosaurs during the JAM.

Confident, sweet voices floated through the Amphitheatre, healing our hearts with soulful recitations and melodious rendering of songs like Heal the World, What a Wonderful World and Everything’s Okay.

The TOM was ably managed by the members of the student council, from the announcements to coordinating the judgment sheets. The school teachers, representatives from TAAQ and ASDA ably judged the various competitions.

It was endearing the see the children to reflect the true Inventure spirit as they performed with confidence and poise. The exciting day ended with the announcement of winners.

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