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Tournament Of Minds,2013- Students, Parents and Judges share their experience


  1. Manasi – student of 4A – contestant in solo singing Division 3 competition – I sang ‘Humko Man Ki Shakti Dena’. I like this song a lot. I was nervous and excited together while singing it.
  2. Meenakshi Ramaswamy – grade teacher – While watching the Division 2 dance competition – It was sweet and cute and shows all the energy the children have.
  3. Ms Shilpa – guest judge for JAM and elocution competition – I think the competition was very well conducted. The children spoke really well and full of confidence. I was especially surprised with first grade performance. I think they did a wonderful job.
  4. Tehmina Chaudhuri – Member of student council – helping organising the musical instrumental competition – Lots of excitement and activity during the day. Kids are really geared up for the competition. Lots of talent coming up in a row. I am enjoying it a lot.
  5. Mother of a fourth grade student – I loved the show. It was good appreciation for the children. Such competitions encourage the kids a lot. I thought it was well done.
  6. Mother of a fifth grade student – I come here ever year to watch this event. It is amazing as the confidence that has been inculcated in the kids of Inventure is beyond comparison.
  7. Ms Shantala – Judge of Rubics Cube Competition – When I came in first, I didn’t realize it is going to be so interesting. The enthusiasm the kids showed – I felt I have to go back and learn to solve the rubics cube that fast myself.
  8. Ms Sharmila – Judge of Jigsaw puzzle – It was fun and it just amazes me how fast kids could finish the puzzle. Apart from the kids having fun while solving the puzzle, the activity improves their attention span and teaches them the concept of completion of a task.
  9. Another parent – It was very nice and fun to watch the little artists perform. The children really put in a lot of energy, excitement and fun in their performance.
  10. Ramesh Sir– Judge of JAM and elocution – Judging the competition was quite difficult. I had to consider all finer points like children who have memorised well, were more expressive, and overcame their stage fear while judging.  I think the competition was well put up.