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Traffic Awareness Program

Date: 15/10/2015

Venue: Inventure Academy

Agenda: To educate drivers, cleaners and bus maids about Traffic Awareness.

As a follow up of the meeting with Dr. Saleem, the Traffic Warden Organisation visited the school and addressed the drivers, cleaners and bus maids, educating them about the do’s and don’ts of best traffic practices.

Samuel Henry, Senior Traffic Warden together with Police Inspector Ramachandra of the local Police Station spent an hour with the audience using PPT’s to drive home some vital points about Traffic Awareness.

The audience responded enthusiastically to suggestions of wearing seat belts, keeping to the correct lane, driving on the correct side of the road, not texting/ using mobile phones when at the wheel and other crucial safety points presented in the PPT.

PI Ramachandra stressed on the point that the school buses are ferrying children back and forth from their homes to school and hence should be considered precious cargo and have a sense of responsibility that should come automatically and without the need of a Traffic Awareness Program.

‘We consider children as God and you have God as your passenger’, he elaborated.

Inventure Academy, Vice Principal, Ramesh Hariharan gave the vote of thanks and bouquets were presented to the Police Representatives.

The informative talk was well received by everyone. The Traffic Warden and PI left with the suggestion that we attend the session at the Traffic Training Institute next week to reinforce the messages shared today.

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