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A Tribute to INMUN 2015

As the curtain falls on INMUN 2015, it was time for introspection and to find answers that best describe my experiences of Model United Nations at Inventure. I merely would say “eventful.”

When I look back at our hesitant ‘munners of 2011’ today, they not only make us proud of what they have achieved but also find a place in the hearts of the large student community that they had chaired.

As the sessions of different committees were in progress, there was an ambience created much like real life with intense conferences and genuine seriousness, the dignified aura of delegates grappling with situations; except this time, simulated with hypothetical problems which required quick thinking, analysis and diplomacy.

As ‘young diplomats’ they realized that a crisis can also be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue- an important lesson perhaps for all our youth. We need to turn the pages in history to realize the stark reality of action and reaction.

It is with great confidence that our young students discussed matters of current affairs with one of India’s defense strategists Mr. Uday Bhaskar. It was a video conference that was arranged from Delhi. Despite the grueling session of two days, the audience remained respectful and intense as Chairs representing each committee talked on points of deterrence or war, Kashmir issue, the position of UN today, Indian-Sino war of 1962 and its impact on relations today and so forth.

Back to the ‘young munners of 2011’ – Anusha , Aahika, Siddharth, Neeti, Arin, Vir, Namrata, Mahima, Anishwar and Arundhathi (who joined us later) formed the core team which was the cornerstone of this year’s INMUN. Logistics led by Askhay and Vaishnavi ran the entire programme effortlessly for 2 days and also managed to get all the volunteers to school on a Saturday! As they hand over the batons to a younger team of Rhea, Maya, Vishwa, Abhinithi, Anika and Abhishek, I realized that a tradition silently continues.
“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled” ~Plutarch
Lucy Joseph

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