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Trip To Srirangapatna

Trip To Srirangapatna


The PPDE workshop for the “Place as Text” module started on the banks of Cauvery on 23rd May 2014. The residue of the long tiring journey came to a mindful end with the Mandala activity, a Tibetan floor arrangement using nature and silence as a tool.


The calm and serene riverside workshop venue helped the Inventure teachers to focus and get in tune in with the PPDE objectives.


River and Forest poem by Jalal-al-Din-Rumi, a 13th Century Afghan poet helped the teachers to connect with their identity and later with a rhythmic recitation it was rendered as a music and movement act.

Taking forward the main idea, a locational search was organized with clues in the form of geographical coordinates and pictograms. The teachers travelled around Srirangapatna by road, water and by foot in search of these locations to connect with the place and its people.

Some of these locations were:

Inspection Bungalow:


18th Century Church that was built by a French Missionary.


Jama Masjid:


Tipu’s Death Place:


Colonel Bailey’s Dungeon:


Sriranganathan Temple:


In each of these places there were people appointed with cues that were required to be collected. The activity ended as a consolidation in the form of a Timeline and Spatial mapping.

The next morning we started our “Transect walk” before the birds.



During our transect walk we collected data and later created a spatial map.


A field study was also conducted and the teachers did river study and tree mapping.



The evening was spent on a community visit to Palahalli village where we met with the village administrators. Several contemporary issues were discussed with them like food security, migration and education. The team also met with the villagers and discussed daily routines, seasonal engagements, mobility and literacy.

This experience was exhilarating and provided several insights about nature, people, communities and their interrelationships. The teachers agreed that using a Place as a text can be interwoven and integrated with all disciplines.