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Vir’s training @ Austria

Vir ,in the boat on the left (sail number 7)

Vir has  started his training on the vast lake Nieusedler See (south-west of Vienna) & races commence on the 12th. This championship is considered to be one of the most competitive of the year with 400 boats taking part. The sailors (all under 18) will have 12 races, spread over 6 days. Wind conditions can vary as much as from 5 knots (ie 10 kmph) to 25 knots over this period. Both extremes posing their particular challenges in race strategy & boat handling.

Vir is being coached by Mr. Marek Nostitz, a Polish national, currently based in Hong Kong. He demands a rigorous training regimen which includes fitness, on water training & off water race analysis (video taped). Their training pod of 10 sailors consists of kids from India, Hong Kong & Poland – enabling an interesting and varied cultural melange.

Vir, Best of Luck.

Inventure Academy.