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What does young India really want?

Anti-corruption, smarter politicians and better laws are things that come to mind when asked what India needs to do. Although these things are desired amongst the youth, there are so many other things that young India wants, but the older generation cannot sympathize.

Exam pressure is an issue that is raging the country, yet all people talk about is what the parties are doing and which ones are more corrupt. Yes, there may be worse issues; the extreme poverty amongst us something that India is trying to overcome, but the amount of suicides we see every day due to exam pressure is alarming.

The older generation scorns us for being too soft. “We dealt with the same pressures too” they scoff “It was worse during our time.” Did they have to deal with the judgemental eyes of everyone? Yes, I suppose. However, they did not have to deal with the issues we are facing now. Whether you like it or not, the Youth is being dragged into the very real adult world, filled with corruption and lies. It is bound to make us more serious and adult than you were at our age. Worrying about these problems only add up to our worries.

If a parent is reading this he or she is likely to roll their eyes. At least they don’t have to work all day, they think. Let us see them go out and earn one single rupee, then let us hear about anti-corruption and exam pressure. With the risk of sounding like a hippie, I say this. What you are creating now, is what we are left with when we get older. Lecturing people about the pressures of society isn’t going to help, but identifying the problem is the first step to solving it.

Do not misunderstand me; parents are wonderful people who only want what’s best for you. Exam pressure is just a negative product of that equation. This just proves a point. We cannot blame our parents or any other close adult for all our problems. If we are doing this, it’s exactly what politicians and other officials are doing, blaming people. We blame the government, who blame the other governments, who accuse them of corruption, who then blame society and so on. It is a scapegoat cycle that will never end. Sure, society is partly to blame for certain issues, but that isn’t the sole root and cause of all problems.