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What Soil Means To Me

Soil is very important you see,

For a little seed to grow to a tree.

It covers the whole Earth in a crust,

You’d like to know more, I trust?

A soil expert is called a Pedologist,

No, that’s not the same as a Geologist,

But together they help to find out,

What this soil stuff is all about.

There is more to it than meets the eye,

If you ever were to wonder why,

It hides lots of precious metals and oil,

There’s even different types of soil.

Near the seas are soils called Saline,

Then there’s Desert, Mountain and Alkaline.

Mixed with silt and clay are some,

And minerals like Potash and Alum.

They come in different colours too,

Minerals give them their hue,

Red, Black, Orange and blue?

No, no not blue, still, that’s quite a few!

Some soil has organic decaying matter,

Or humus, mixed with lots of water,

Where green fields and vegetables grow,

Which farmers do carefully sow.

Layers make up the stuff underground,

Top Soil, Subsoil and Bedrock can be found

Top Soil is rich and fertile,

Making plants and animals smile.

But what does soil really mean to me,

Reading a book underneath a tree,

Running around getting mucky and brown,

Smelling the Earth after rain has come down.

 By Kaveri Parekh

Grade 4B