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Winning poems of the poetry writing competition Grades 11 and 12 – Tournament Of Minds

First place

-Radhika Malaviya,12A


I stand before my statue
of crumbling salt and sand
a cold air killing what once was

a fire in my eyes
a fear in my enemies
a fierce love for my people-

My body
burnt beneath the aching sun
My power
turned to antique rust
My memory
dissolved in the wicked and wild wind.

The king of kings
now emperor of emptiness
the piercing citrus sting
of an infinite yellow:
unbroken heat
beating down and rolling forward
stretching to the shattered horizon.

“My name is Ozymandias!”
my lifeless lungs
shout to no one.
I have long since
given up the gun.

Second place

-Shreya Srinath, 12A

“Crying With Dry Eyes”

Bitter resentment burning bright,
almost as dark as the night,
but not as quite.

The amber flames of her hair
born with each step of hers-
liquid electricity.
her blood stained gown sways
with the silver sickles of wing,
her scarlet lips part,
her eyes, two endless pockets of lava,
they sizzle against the cool, damp
air of failure.

“you have not lived… child” she

But her eyes already said it all-
the adolescent dreams lit ablaze,
the childish fears evaporated,
the battles and arguments lost,
the pain of loss evanescent.

There was no candid joy,
no rollercoasters, no birthday cakes,
no bow-tied gift wrapped presents,
no silent moments with her porcelain dolls.
All that was left was a shell,
a living, breathing shell of who she used to be.
She was dead inside,
crying with dry eyes.

Third place

-Atreya Mathur, 11ISC

“A Dream of a Few”

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to
change you,
To believe in all good and to believe in
what you do.
To come together as one and one as a
To speak the truth from the depths of
your soul.

To be united in every possible way,
without fear, having a steong say.
Speaking up when wrong is considered right,
never truly losing your sight.

Taking action and opening your eyes,
your mind is free, free of lies.

A country united, fragments no more,
opening a brand new door.

‘Jana Gana Mana’ sung loud and clear,
no hesitation, no fear.

True knowledge known to all,
together we stand, strong and tall.

This is what I dream to see,
a country blazing in all its glory
and this is what I hope to be,
to make my own choices, my destiny.