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Winning poems of the poetry writing competition Grades 9 and 10 – Tournament Of Minds

 First Place

-Anusha Ramji, 10th grade

“Solitary Reaper”

A lone ranger,
In the meadows green,
Carrying a solemn tune as she toiled.

With a voice so sweet,
that angels stopped,
to listen from heaven yonder.

Soothing all,
that might chance upon this,
beautifully, dangerous harmony.

A story played on the song bird’s lips,
a symphony of emotion,
materialized out from her being.

A painful tale of remorse,
and yearning,
of times have been and to be.

Or a ballad to unsung heroes
to the days of valiant kings,
few within our reach.

Creatures ensnared in
her sensory trap,
mesmerized by a humbly fraught melody.

T’was no simple feat,
but that she did,
sing without a care.

Alive in my soul,
forever more,
for death was no stopper on the bottle.

Second place

-Niveditha Sethumadhavan, 10th grade

“A Last Chance”

In an empty lane
stood a car waiting for me,
with a try to swoop the pain away,
I hopped on hesitantly.

This was my last chance to pass a farm, factory or field,
to hold my breath, take a step and jump a leap.
Should I smile, should I whine? My thoughts are taking over,
To stand by the stick, beneath the leaf or ride off by the flower.

This was my last chance:
to smell the dew and feel the frost.
Once I head back,
I will realize what all I have lost.

This was my last chance,
to feel the chirp and see the hill,
to see the world’s true colours
for now, the wind has stood still.

Third place

-Aniruddh Bakre, 9th grade


If you can be at peace when everyone around you

cannot do the same and they blame everything on you,
you can keep your mind level and help others too
when they can do nothing and are lost in the blue.

If you can meet fortune
and treat it the same as misfortunes,
you can walk through the darkest,
deepest parts of Tartarus,
and come out unbeaten,
and think of it as Heaven.

If you can be candor
and erudite at the same time,
you can be invincible
and let your heart sublime.

If you can be dauntless and fearless and brave,
and move crowds with words and not silver swords,
there could be so many people you can save,
from rubble and toil and trouble.

But don’t be overconfident,
don’t be too wise,
for you will lose everything
and meet with surprise.

I hope this will help you
in whatever way it can,
for now, my son,
you are a man.