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Workshop on Cross Cultural Intelligence for Grade 12 Inventurers

An insightful session into what it takes to work with people from different cultures was held for Grade 12 as part of Preparing for College and Beyond. The session was facilitated by Ms Rachna Singh who has over 20 years of experience as a Learning and Organization Development professional and has studied cross-cultural communications at the Tokyo Academy of Communication, Japan and developed several learning modules on cross-cultural skills. Rachna Singh is also one of India’s top humour writers and has published five books.

Workshop on Cross Cultural Intelligence

The topics covered were:

  • A broad model that can be used to characterize different national characteristics as linear-active, multi-active, and reactive.
  • Different cultures and how they shape attitudes toward time, leadership, team building, and affect a range of organizational behaviors.
  • Common patterns in different cultures with examples of how different groups act under different situations.
  • How to prepare oneself for being a successful professional in a multicultural organization.

Her depiction of real-life situations in other countries due to cultural differences was hilarious and had the students enjoying every bit of her lecture. Yet, they understood how important it is to recognize and accept cultural differences and the best ways to work around it while studying/working in another country.

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