Nurtured at Inventure,
Ready for the World.

At Inventure, we recognise that the world our children are inheriting is experiencing opportunities and challenges on a scale we have never experienced before. Hence, our education goes beyond just the classroom to ensure our children develop skills for life. Through our Academic and Beyond Academics programs, we provide a range of opportunities to help our students build essential life skills for 21st century living - the ability to set goals and work towards them, handle success and failure, build and practice discipline, develop social and emotional intelligence, innovate and be entrepreneurial.

Armed with the belief that everyone can learn and that a friendly, nurturing, inclusive, innovative, empowered environment brings out the best in each of us, we strive to ensure that every child can find her/his life’s purpose and passion, and develop the ability and conviction to achieve this.

"Inventure taught me to take risks, think out of the-box"

Year 3, UC Berkeley Intended Major: Physics

“Inventure really helped me find a balance in my student life.”

Year 3, Emmanuel College, Cambridge University
Full scholarship to Harvard University

“My dream is to be a doctor. Inventure got me a step closer.”

Final Year, MBBS, JIPMER, Pondicherry

“Inventure inculcated in me a passion for research.”

Honours Dual Degree-Arts & Law, Gujarat National Law University

We measure our success as a school based on the achievement of our Vision - “Every student will excel academically, in one chosen co-curricular activity, and be fit for life” - and constantly evolve in our quest for excellence.

Inventure graduates are confident young adults with “the ability and conviction to realise their full potential, be socially responsible citizens, and “excel anywhere in the world” (Our Core Purpose).We proudly present some examples of our ‘world ready’ achievers who embody the essence of our Core Purpose and Values, and stand testimony to the achievement of the school’s Vision. With stellar academic performances in board exams, excellent college placements globally and personalities that are multi-faceted, our talented graduates step out into the world ready to contribute and make a positive difference.