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Young Inventurers Rock Assembly!

Music is the outburst of the soul. – Nietzche
On the 23rd of February, Inventure was buzzing with excitement. We were having a special music assembly! We couldn’t wait! Finally something that could completely wash away our exam tensions, at least for a little while.
As I sat down, I could feel the aura that had been created. All throughout, big and small, Inventurers were chattering away, just waiting for an entertaining assembly ahead.
The assembly started and ended with a bang. They had just the right mix of rock, classical and melodious tunes to keep the audience captivated. There were duets, trios and even bands with quite creative names such as “Copper Bullet”. The fact that they were able to perform songs that are quite complicated so excellently and then being able to add their own touches to it, not only surprised me, but impressed me as well.
It takes alot to go up on stage and perform. I’ve done it countless times, and till date, feel butterflies in my stomach. But these juniors, they made it look so easy and natural. They were able to rock and jam to their favourite tunes without being conscious of the fact that they were performing in front of more than 800 people!
I think what captivated us the most, as an audience was that first of all, this lot was clever enough to do songs that most of us knew and loved. And secondly, they had their own little tricks, such as rolling the drumsticks with their fingers during solos, and getting up and clapping every time the chorus came. These little things enhanced their performance by quite a lot.
Being a music l lover myself, watching my juniors relentlessly rock their hearts out was thrilling. I love it when a bunch of people get to share music with one another. It’s great and Inventure being a great big family, it was simply a special feeling.
I can’t wait for next year, where hopefully, I can join Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 as they bring out the music in Inventure and jam to some great tunes once more.
Niketa Nerurkar
Grade 9 IGCSE