INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: EducationWorld India School Ranking 2018-19 - Ranked #4 in India, Ranked #2 in Karnataka, Ranked #2 in Bengaluru.

A Teacher’s Features:

The meaning of teachers

Is really very deep,

But let us first know

That they are treasures to keep.

When teachers were created,

We received special friends.

Someone to confide in

And make us truly comprehend.

Not only from the textbooks

Do they have to teach?

They also have to inspire us

To learn, grow and reach.

A teacher makes the most of things

Whatever they may be,

A teacher never gives up

And I’m sure everyone agrees,

Sometimes we don’t recognise a teachers worth

And take them all for granted.

But deep inside we all know

That teachers are enchanted!!!

Maya Patra  7C