Awards Day

At the start of each year we introduce learners to the concept of Excellence Awards – for learners to identify a field they want to excel in, create a plan to achieve goals and work towards winning the awards. As we start each new academic year, we celebrate this effort through an awards ceremony.

Investiture Ceremony

Learners at Inventure are introduced to the ‘Right to Vote’ at a very young age. We have a Student Council for both the Primary and the Middle & Senior School sections, elected through ‘secret ballot’. They take their Oath of Office at the Investiture Ceremony.

Independence Day – Special Assembly (Half Day school)

Every year learners of Grades 1 to 12 along with faculty celebrate our Independence Day by hoisting the National Flag. This is followed by a cultural program by learners and traditional Indian games for the learners organised by the Sports department.

Graduation Day

We celebrate our learners moving on to their next phase of life on Graduation Day. The Senior School teachers come together to organise a special ceremony for the learners of Grades 10 and 12.

Celebration of Learning

Celebration of Learning (CoL) is a uniquely Inventure approach. Learners work with their teacher-mentors, exploring topics of their choice, extending and deepening their classroom learning. Scientific inquiry and innovative thinking combine with writing strategies to enable a learner to express his/her learning effectively.

The Journey of Discovery:

Tournament of Minds

At Inventure, effective collaboration is as crucial as individual brilliance. Both are showcased at the inter-house literary and cultural events called the Tournaments of Minds. Learners participate in Music, Dance, Speech and Drama, Art and Craft, challenging themselves and their peers. The events are held throughout the school year, and the winners contribute to the House points. The Student Council manages the trials, selections and final rounds with the help of faculty. Healthy competition and enthusiastic participation from learners make this an exciting and much anticipated event at Inventure.

F1 in Schools (Inter School)

On Sunday 3 March 2019 Inventure Academy Campus witnessed over 200 learners coming in to participate in the Southern Regional Finals F1 in Schools™ Challenge. We were the venue partners of the World’s Largest STEM Based Technology Challenge where school learners aged between 9-19 years design miniature F1 in Schools™ cars using CAD/CAM tools followed by manufacturing their designs on a CNC machine. Inventure hosted the regional finals of the event for a second time in March 2020.


Annual Athletics Meet

(Inter- House)

Inter House Sports Competition

(Team sports)

The Inventure Sports Fest

(Inter School event hosted by Inventure)

Annual Swim Meet

(Inter house)
(Points won contribute to both Individual Championships and the House Championships)

Annual Musical Production

Inventure’s Annual Musical Production showcases our learners’ varied talents, conveys a message to the audience and raises money for a cause as well. Along the way, it teaches learners many life lessons like commitment, team-work, decision making, prioritising and organisation. Every learner of the section works towards the show in some way, in the process taking away huge amounts of learning.

Students performing at the HS & MS School Annual Production - The Road not taken, 2019
Students performing at the HS & MS School Annual Production - The Road not taken, 2019

Inventure Academy Round Square Youth Parliament

The inaugural Inventure Academy Round Square Youth Parliament – Our World, Our Voice was launched with Prof M V Rajeev Gowda and Dr Sumer Singh as Guests of Honour at the opening ceremony. This five day event from 15 to 19 August 2018 was held at Inventure’s campus on Whitefield-Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. 164 learners from eight schools across India participated in it.

The focus of this Parliament was our children contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 by 2030 – “Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all”.  To equip delegates with the necessary tools to begin their changemaking journey at the Parliament, Inventure conducted a series of workshops by leading experts in various fields, including, cyber security, media & communications, law making, design thinking and data analytics. On the final day of the conference, delegates presented their recommendations to further strengthen and implement policy/laws related to inclusive and equitable quality education, and child protection and safety online in their respective committees.Further to the Parliament, Inventure learners are gathering insights from 5000 learners across the country on the issues they face online and what help they need from parents, government, schools, and media. We will translate findings from the surveys into a data-backed, evidence-based charter to present to the Government and the United Nations.

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