Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a testimonial to Inventure’s core values and core purpose of encouraging sensitivity, nurturing individuality, and our aim to instill in learners the ability and conviction to realize their full potential. Inventure believes that every child has the capacity to learn, and the Learning Lab team is committed to helping students with learning needs to learn in the best ways possible. 
The team of special educators facilitate neuro-diverse learners to become self-confident and achieve their true potential by developing appropriate academic skills through individual and group sessions. Learners are supported academically using multi-sensorial strategies and keeping in mind the different learning needs and styles. Skills like self-esteem, social communication and working memory are developed through group sessions. 

As part of the remedial intervention program, neuro-diverse learners are supported in various ways. 


  • Early intervention is provided by sharing strategies with parents and teachers.
  • Sensory-motor development is facilitated through planned multi-sensory activities.
  • The Learning Lab team conducts sessions on early identification and in-class support for teachers during professional development sessions.

Primary and Middle School

  • The Learning Lab team supports learners through academic remedial sessions. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is created for each learner based on their unique needs.
  • The team of special educators also supports parents and teachers through sensitization and awareness sessions during professional development, in-class observations and sharing classroom and home intervention strategies.
  • The Learning Lab team works actively with the teachers in Primary school on the Prayaas additional academic support program to enable learners to bridge minor academic gaps.

Senior School

  • Peer tutoring is provided to Middle and Senior school students through the StudyBuddy program. This ensures that students have access to meaningful and tailored learning opportunities.

Accommodations and concessions are provided to all the neuro-diverse students across school based on the CAIE Board’s policies. These processes help students to optimize their learning and become true Inventurers – happy, confident self directed learners.

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