Beyond Academics

At Inventure, excellence is measured in many ways. Academics is just one. Our integrated curriculum blends sports, the creative arts, community service and other life skill program with book-based lessons. Our Beyond Academics program are carefully designed to help form strong, capable individuals who face challenges head on. Through what are literally fun and games, they develop their interpersonal, leadership and communication skills. In an atmosphere of healthy competition, learners discover and showcase individual talents, pursue special interests, work in collaboration and achieve what they previously thought was impossible. Self-discovery is the wonderful side effect.

In Primary School, every child gets an opportunity to participate in all Beyond Academics activities on offer. The goal in Primary school is to expose learners to as many opportunities as possible, helping them to identify which areas they would like to develop further, either through the After School Coaching Program or by participating in inter-house and/or inter-school competitions. In Middle School the focus is on developing and honing skills through PODs. In Senior School, Choice Projects allow learners to engage in a wide array of real-world projects, along with PODs, to augment skills in their areas of interest.

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