Beyond Academics

At Inventure, excellence is measured in many ways. Academics is just one. Our Core Purpose envisages an environment and an education where every child’s unique talent and potential to excel is nurtured. And so, our integrated curriculum blends sports, the creative arts, community service and other life skill programmes with book-based lessons. It is a culture that inspires creativity, and goes right to the heart of real learning that is lifelong. Critical thinking and verbal skills are tremendously shaped by such activities, and in tune with Inventure’s philosophy of catalyzing curiosity. In a complex new world, young people need just such an education to excel socially, emotionally and professionally. In fact, this idea is enshrined in our very vision which states ‘Each learner will excel both academically and in one chosen co-curricular activity, and be prepared for life.’ Our Beyond Academics programmes are carefully designed to help form strong, capable individuals who face challenges head on. Through what are literally fun and games, they develop their interpersonal, leadership and communication skills. In an atmosphere of healthy competition, students discover and showcase individual talents, pursue special interests, work in collaboration and achieve what they previously thought was impossible. Self-discovery is the wonderful side effect.


We equip our students with a whole medley of tools to build on their strengths and be the best they can to manage the challenges of the outside world. Sports is one of the most fun, joyous and effective of these tools. It teaches children to respect their bodies, make decisions, be positive and work with others.

Performing & Visual Arts

At Inventure, children have music, art, dance and drama as an integral part of their curriculum. Children absorb and germinate life skills like cooperative learning, roleplay, and inner reflection and are given a chance to explore their unique talent and potential to shine.

Wider World

A child’s mind is open to multiple stimuli. At Inventure, we ensure that from early on, our students are enriched by a breadth of exposure to the real world. Readying them to step out into the multilayered environment of the 21st century with confidence, relevant life skills and a commitment to bettering society.

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