Our curriculum blends best practices from Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and enquiry-based learning (for Pre-Primary school) an integrated curriculum based on NCERT and the Cambridge International Primary Program (CIPP) guidelines (for Primary school) and a blended curriculum of CISCE and CAIE (for Middle School). After Grade 8, learners choose examination Boards of their choice. Grade 8 is a transitional year that helps us build Board-specific skills.

In Primary School, the curricular framework leverages theme-based thinking and sensorial learning. This includes formulating a specialised strategy to nurture the potential and intellectual abilities of learners with Special Education Needs (SEN) or nurture Accelerated Learners through Individual Learning Plans. In Middle School we present an experiential, enquiry-based approach, which transitions learners into deep conceptual thinking across disciplines, often culminating in integrated projects. In Secondary & Senior Secondary School, academic rigour, varied prescribed reading and supervised forays into the internet stimulate and synchronize learning. At this level, learners become capable of more complex work, adept as critical thinkers and problem solvers – all essential life skills for personal fulfilment and lifelong learning. Learners are guided at this time in their preparations for their ICSE, IGCSE and A/AS level board exams.

Pre-Primary School: PreK to K2

Our Pre-Primary curriculum encourages children to continually question why and how things look and function the way they do. It is designed so that a sense of wonder and inquiry are the centre of all learning. The curriculum blends best practices from Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and enquiry-based learning. Learning zones in each classroom encourage children to build, play, investigate and experiment. This way, they continually test their current understanding and their innate curiosity is wonderfully nurtured. While what is taught is important, we believe that children learn more from how they are taught.

The Beyond Academics program for Pre-Primary builds their foundational skills in sports, yoga, dance, music and art. Our interdisciplinary approach extends themes being discussed in class into their dance, music and art learning.

  • Child-centric, hands-on and experiential curriculum
  • Holistic approach encompassing academics and beyond
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative learning
  • Focus on safety and pastoral care
  • Real-world application of concepts
  • Social, emotional and cognitive development

Primary School: Grades 1-5

In Primary School, we follow an integrated curriculum based on NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training) and the Cambridge International Primary Program (CIPP) guidelines. Teaching and learning in a cheerful, stimulating environment builds skills like communication, teamwork, creativity and critical thinking. Children discover the true joy of learning, how to learn and how to build a strong conceptual base. 

The balanced approach between Academics and Beyond 
Academics in Primary School ensures  that every student spends at least a part of their day in activities like sports, art, music, dance, and yoga, as well as our Wider World programs.
  • Project-based learning using a thematic focus
  • Reading and Writing Workshop that builds literacy skills and fosters creativity
  • Learning Math concepts through concrete experiences
  • ‘Celebration of Learning’ showcasing interdisciplinary theme-based projects
  • Maker Space celebrating hands-on creativity and innovation
  • The Computer Science curriculum for digital computing & literacy
  • Explore Indian and foreign languages through the second languages curriculum
  • Field trips, community outreach and guest lectures

Middle School Grades 6-8

In Middle School we present an experiential, enquiry-based approach, which transitions learners into conceptual thinking across disciplines, which bears fruit in the form of integrated projects. The curriculum here is based on guidelines provided by CAIE. Children in Middle School delve deeper into academic disciplines and they make interesting connections between their new knowledge and real-life applications of it. 

Besides academic inquiry, students hone their visual and performing arts and sport abilities. Their engagement with the Wider World programs becomes more intense during this phase. 

  • Problem Based Learning (PBL)** to explore links between Science and the Humanities
  • Math PBL for in-depth mathematical concepts, setting the stage for Senior School.
  • Maker Space fostering real world learning, research skills, creativity and problem-solving
  • The Writing Workshop to sharpen communication and articulation of ideas
  • Field trips, guest lectures, projects, exhibitions and presentations
  • Community Outreach programs for social and environmental issues

Maker space

One learner wanted to make copper melt. So he built a furnace. Another little girl was concerned about her friend who was standing for learner council election: her friend was stressed. So she invented a machine which, at a press of a button, ejected motivational messages or helpful advice on how to manage the stress. A group of 8th graders designed a game and an app to help people learn
how to segregate waste. All this was done in a unique innovators’ lab at Inventure called the Maker Space, which is part of the timetable till Grade 8 and an elective, or POD after that. The Maker Space enables finding solutions for everyday problems through design thinking and STEAM projects; acquiring technical skills and strategic thinking; making mistakes and dealing with the fallout, both practical and emotional; trying things a hundred different ways; using tools from corrugated cardboard for prototypes to software for 3D modelling and much more. The focus is the discovery and making process to nurture the inventors of the future. And through it all, develop empathy, intuition and logic, discovering themselves in a wholly different way.

Senior School Grades 9-12

Senior School students imbibe a set of skills that will prepare them for the outside world. They possess an unshakeable conceptual foundation which is a stepping stone into academic excellence. Learners are guided at this time in their preparations for their board exams with appropriate support.

Beyond Academics activities like Choice Projects, Sports, PODs, Guest Lectures, and Community Outreach mould our Senior School students into well-rounded, confident and responsible young people. Wider World programs give them exposure and opportunities to engage with the country’s growth, by developing a voice and contributing to policy and laws that impact them. We do all that we can to ensure that our graduates are fit for life.

  • Excellence in Academics and Beyond Academics
  • Counselling and accelerated learner programs
  • MyInventure program© for Grades 11 & 12 students
  • Choice Projects and PODs
  • Success mentoring
  • MeHack life skills workshops
  • Personalised academic scaffolding
  • Internships
  • Changemaker Program, MUN, Community Outreach, Youth Parliament and more
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