At Inventure, we look out for people who have a passion for what they do and who genuinely like children and working with children. If you share our beliefs, our Core Values and our culture of excellence, please feel free to apply. If you are interested in a teaching role in the senior school, your experience with the boards that we offer (CAIE and CISCE) or similar boards does become important. However, a candidate’s potential and willingness to learn are also considered in the hiring decisions we make.  

Typically, we hire faculty members between October to April of each year in preparation for the start of our new school year in May. At this point we have several identified openings. If you would like to apply outside of this time window, please do send us your CV and apply through the regular link and we will get back to you for a conversation.

At Inventure, we have a six-step process of recruitment. Once we receive your resume, we screen it based on certain criteria. If you are shortlisted, you will go through a technical interview, after which the next step is the demo. If the demo is successful, there will be a series of interviews: first with the Principal / Head of school, then the CEO of the school, and finally with the HR / Finance head.

The CISCE board (ICSE and ISC) requires teachers to have a B.Ed degree. However we welcome teachers who don’t have a B.Ed degree to apply as well since they can teach in the CIE board classes as well as in primary and middle school.

During peak recruitment season, we receive a large number of applications, which makes it difficult for us to respond to candidates whose background and experience are not an appropriate fit for us.

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