Well lit and carefully designed classrooms provide an environment that enhances learning. The learning environment stimulates curiosity and collaboration while providing space and opportunity for each student to learn at their pace.
Well Equipped Classrooms
The art program for our young children is an integral part of the curriculum. The Art Studio is a brightly lit space where children are exposed to various material they can explore, the space is designed to encourage collaboration as well as individual creativity.
Art Studio
The airy, well lit dance and music space allows students to express themselves through movement and singing. The space is designed to be an open area to encourage group and individual creativity.
Dance and Music Hall
The Yoga Gazebo set amongst the lush green outdoors invites children to practice the mindfulness and yoga techniques introduced to them as a part of their curriculum.
Yoga Gazebo
Reading is a habit inculcated early at the Inventure PreSchool. The Library is a quiet space where students can access age appropriate books freely, have spaces to read to each other or read alone if the mood strikes..
The outdoor space has demarcated areas where each child nurtures their plants. Seasonal and perennial vegetables and flowers are planted by the children to understand and be a part of nature
Green space for Gardening
Physical play not only enhances a child’s ability to master their gross motor skills but also acts as a space where children can practice taking risks, negotiate and collaborate. The outdoor space has a treehouse, structures that require balance and coordination to master, a turf to learn and practice sports skills and spaces where teachers can take the classroom outdoors
Scientifically Designed Play Area
Show cases through the year are a part of the Inventure way of Teaching and Learning. The outdoors also has a stage set up where students can put up planned and impromptu showcases of learning.
Space for performances
Meal times are social times where students and teachers eat and converse together. Child sized furniture and a healthy menu ensure that meal times at school are fun times.
Age appropriate, nutritionally balanced meals plans are optional and available for children who wish to avail meals from school. Breakfast, mid morning milk, lunch and a snack before children leave for the day.
Dining Hall and Meal Plan
Inventure PreSchool has an efficient and reliable transport system with numerous buses and bus stops. Our transport provider is Baghirathi Transport Services. Their Visible Mobile App facilitates monitoring of your child’s travel to and from school. Every bus has a CCTV and a female caretaker. Students are expected to maintain proper decorum on the bus and must follow a prescribed set of rules that regulate their behaviour.
A well equipped Clinic with a qualified nurse.
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