Careers at Inventure Academy

Inventure is looking for dynamic edupreneurs, educators & teacher coaches to join us in our mission to create a blueprint for Education in a New World & to ensure that every child has a shot at fulfilling their potential.

Come join us… our collective future – ours & our children’s – depends on this.


Dear Educator,

Are you the kind of person who wonders what the world will look like through the course of our children's lives and the kind of learning we need to provide in order to prepare them for this new world?

Do you believe each person has inherent talent / potential, with unique strengths, development needs and learning preferences?

Do you believe that the purpose of education and life is to go beyond just studying from a book, help find your life’s purpose/passion, fulfil your potential to be the best that you can be and contribute to making the world a better place?

Do you want to teach through collaborations with the wider learning community and in a compassionate and happy learning environment so that both you and your learners benefit?

If yes, come and join the Inventure team and learning community to have a say in how we should be educating our Future.

Mission critical for us at Inventure is to equip every child not just for individual excellence but also to contribute to making the world a better place. This forms the bedrock of our thoughts, words and actions.

We have an amazing opportunity to make this India’s and humanity’s century. We can do this only if we recognise that the New World requires New Learning, that learning is a lifelong journey and that our schooling system needs to change from teaching for a test to one that teaches for life.

The New World needs us to be entrepreneurial about life and education. We therefore need our best and brightest to become teachers, curriculum developers, program leads, administrators and even establish education institutions.

Join us in our transformational journey and be a Change Maker educator.

Nooraine Fazal
Co-founder, CEO & Managing Trustee
Inventure Academy

We love the idea of working with people who share our exemplary vision and can help us achieve it. To find like-minded educators who have a passion for education and are aligned with our Core Values and our unique culture, we’ve designed a rigorous hiring process to evaluate abilities and assess qualifications. We follow this up with training sessions that focus on both pedagogy and school culture building. We’ll also give you a chance to see whether we are a good fit for you through a campus tour.

Inventure has a strong programme of faculty development which we know will broadbase our innovative philosophy of education. You’ll do workshops and courses that help develop critical thinking, learning styles, classroom management, differentiated learning, interdisciplinary learning, feedback formative assessments, design thinking, effectuation, culture development and team building. Our teachers experience 16-17 days of training and professional development in a year, including the annual outbound programme, as well as mentoring from seniors.

Our teachers are happy and productive because they find personal meaning and motivation in their work, and because they are scaffolded by a well-defined organizational structure, clear direction and a rewarding performance management process. Self-reflection, discussion and dialogue with peers and superiors, open feedback and more form the backbone of good performance and meaningful engagement, and we encourage all of these and more.

If you’re interested in working with us to shape young minds to excel in a new world, fill in the form here and get in touch!

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