The Spirit of Inventure

At Inventure we are cognizant of our responsibility to mould good human beings who will go on to excel, lead and better the world with wisdom, compassion and a strong moral compass, propelled by our Core Values. Our school’s spirit is enshrined in these principles; and our learners imbibe it in the following ways.

Inventuring (For Grade 1-12)

At the start of every school year, a unique form of learning takes over our Inventure campuses. Inventuring, the foundation program at Inventure Academy, is formulated to garner the rich, varied ways in which learners learn and engage with the world around them. One that gently brings them in tune with themselves, their peers and their environment. That seamlessly integrates progressive theories of education with our Core Values

Best of all, the process is fun, and forges a strong connection between learners with peers, teachers and with the school’s culture. Let loose on our campuses, children build ponds, butterfly gardens, treehouses, and rainforests; they do Multiple Intelligence-based treasure hunts, camp under the stars; they try outdoor adventure games and take part in circle time to share learnings. They have time for reflection and journal writing. Every activity is designed carefully to evolve attitudes and advance personal skills, spark curiosity and get children to ask questions which may have no ready answers.

Inventuring produces outcomes where children learn to discover themselves, their strengths, mindsets and fears. Where they begin to think and understand how they learn and engage with their world; and where they nurture their love for nature and their community. All of this forms the foundation of their approach to life and learning in the years to come.


Each child belongs to one of four Houses throughout his or her school life: the Inventors, the Venturers, the Nurturers and the Adventurers. The Houses act as teams for cultural and literary events like the Tournament of Minds, as well as for social outreach initiatives. Learners can win positive points for their House; however the sense of competition is overridden by a collaborative culture where learners from different Houses support each other, play fair, and are gracious in victory and defeat. A House Championship is decided at the end of the year.

Student Council 

A governing body of learners is elected by the entire school to give them a voice, responsibility, and a good sense of democracy at work. The Student Council’s office bearers are the following: School Captain, School Beyond Academics Captain, School Sports Captain; each House has a Captain, Beyond Academics Captain, Sports Captain, all elected posts. We also have nominated prefects for Academics, Changemaker, and Community Outreach. The Primary School Student Council consists of a School Captain, School Sports Captain, School Beyond Academics Captain; and each House has a Captain and Vice-Captain

Buddy System

Teachers assign ‘buddies’ to new learners in each class to help in the transition to Inventure, and also brings values like sensitivity, empathy and helpfulness to the fore among the children.


Every week, learners can showcase their skills and talents at Assembly. Assemblies are also held for specific lectures or demonstrations or to celebrate festivals and national days, and to present awards and recognition. Togetherness, national and school pride are evident at these events which are compulsory for all learners.

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