Children’s Safety


In 2014, Inventure Academy partnered with 18 other schools, UNICEF & various legal, market research, and child protection organisations, to create & present a Student Charter to the Government of Karnataka regarding the security and abuse of school-going children. The Charter contained key findings from the Safety Charter drafted by students of Inventure Academy in 2016 during the ‘Our Safety Our Voice’ initiative. This Charter was developed on the basis of feedback from over 1100 students across various socio-economic segments in Bangalore and it contributed to the development of the Karnataka Child Protection Policy (KCPC), and eventually to the drafting of the Karnataka Child Safety & Protection law which was implemented in January 2018.


Because we believe that happiness is a choice, we work to instill an attitude of positivity in students, that any challenge they might face can be overcome. Our school counsellors are always on hand to help students deal with such challenges, whether they are due to academic or personal stress, mental or emotional issues. We have four wellness counsellors across the school to support the student body.


Safety is a prime priority at Inventure Academy. We create safe spaces for every child both physically and emotionally. We have an active CHILD WELLBEING COMMITTEE committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity. It inculcates respect of student voices in an environment that allows students to express themselves without fear. The committee was formed according to the requirements of the Child Protection Act.
Its members include:

  • Chairperson: Meenakshi Myer
  • Child Protection Officer: Preet Benjamin Aarons
  • Management Member: Varsha Saxena
  • Coordinator PreSchool: Mona Dhawan
  • Coordinator Primary School (Grades 1 and 2): Meera Mudbidri
  • Coordinator Primary School (Grades 3 to 5): Humera Nooreen
  • Coordinator Middle School (Grades 6 to 8 ): Ekta Bhasin
  • Coordinator Senior School (Grades 9 to 12): Mousumi Haldar
  • Counsellors: Sanaaz R Doust, Sneha Jacob, Dylan Mascarenhas
  • Faculty representative: Aaron Joseph
  • Community Relations Manager: Ruma Srivastava
  • Legal Advisor: Divya Balagopal
  • Parent Representative: Ritu George, Sumedha Rao Godkhindi
  • Infrastructure Manager: J. Lawrence

The POLICY ON SEXUAL HARASSMENT (POSH) is strictly in force at Inventure Academy. Our school environment is built on mutual respect, cultural sensitivity and a zero-tolerance for any form of sexual harassment. Even a single incident of sexual harassment, if found to be true after investigation as per this policy, will be met with the strictest disciplinary action based on the nature and intensity of the violation.


Four golden retriever pups (Mia, Tasha, Talia and Raksha) have been trained at Inventure Academy as therapy dogs; to help students develop empathy, compassion and sensitivity in an increasingly materialistic growing up environment and to slowly build on dog assisted counselling.


The programme, currently open to senior school students, aims at providing students with a person they can trust and rely on as well as someone who will guide them on life skills academic goals and personal development. The Mentoring programme for these students also connects to career goals. Students work with the Naviance software which is very useful particularly in goal setting and identifying course and college options that best suit their ability, personality and interest.

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