Identity & Anthem

School Motto

Our school motto ‘Seize the Day’ is an inspirational and relevant guide-post for our learners. It reflects the Core Purpose of Inventure Academy, which aims at shaping young students who will be confident to take life’s challenges head-on, anywhere in this new world of change. It beautifully represents the attitude and conviction with which our students will face life. It also reflects the school’s attitude of innovation and path breaking ideas.


Our symbol affirms Inventure Academy’s commitment to nurturing inventiveness in each child. Secure in the warmth of a caring school, symbolized by the orange circle – the sun, our students will be inspired to realise their full potential and aspire for excellence in all their endeavours.


Orange, white and blue form the tricolor of Inventure Academy. Colours taken from the elements fit in with our approach to life and learning.

Orange, vibrant and charged with energy that we associate with childhood, symbolizes a passion for life learning and knowledge, for action of both mind and body.

White brings to the mind the values of friendship and unity, of peace that we must help to promote, the world over. It also reminds us that as individuals, we also belong to a larger group, the family of Man.

Blue symbolizes the gift of life, our strengths and talents, which we must develop and use to the fullest. It is therefore the colour of endeavour, of endless possibilities, of the sky being the limit!

School Anthem

Carpe Diem, Inventurers!
Here is a place to learn and grow,
In body mind and he-art,
Where we seize the day and strive to know,
How we must play our pa-rt.
Each is unique, we do believe;
We have strengths we must explore,
In work and play, we will achieve,
Excellence, success and more.
Carpe Diem, we seize the day,
Giving our best, the only way,
There are miles to go; the climb is steep,
With prom-i-ses to guard and keep.
INVEN-TURERS all! Reach out and follow,
Learn and grow; We are tomorrow.
There’s a world out there, so much to learn
Much to share and care, and turn
This world into a better place,
By playing fair, to win the race.
I’ll be a friend to all I meet,
Lend a hand, with fairness treat,
I’ll go wherever there’s a need;
This is my prayer, this is my creed.
Refrain. Repeat

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