Inventuring for Grades 1-12.

Inventuring, the foundation programme at Inventure Academy, is formulated to garner the rich, varied ways in which students learn and engage with the world around them. It takes place on our campus at the start of every academic year. Students from Grade 1 onwards, both existing and new, are oriented into the school culture through exciting projects and experiences. Bonds are forged with peers, teachers and the school. There are activities based on Multiple Intelligences involving hands-on projects. Other aspects include Circle Time for sharing of learning, and Golden Time for reflection and journal writing. Each of these experiences is designed to develop specific skills and attitudes in children, forming the foundation of their approach to life and learning in the days to come.

Awards Day

At the start of each year we introduce students to the concept of Excellence Awards – for students to identify a field they want to excel in, create a plan to achieve goals and work towards winning the awards. Students can work towards winning any number of awards, as long as they meet the criteria. As we start each new academic year, we celebrate the effort put in by students to achieve their goals for the year gone by through an awards ceremony.

Investiture Ceremony

Students at Inventure are introduced to the ‘Right to Vote’ at a very young age. We have a Student Council for both the Primary and the Middle & Senior School sections, elected through ‘secret ballot’. They take their Oath of Office at the Investiture Ceremony.

Independence Day – Special Assembly (Half Day school)

Every year students of Grades 1 to 12 along with faculty celebrate our Independence Day by hoisting the National Flag. This is followed by a cultural programme performed by students and the Sports department organises traditional Indian games for the students.

Graduation Day

We celebrate our students moving on to their next phase of life on Graduation Day. The Senior School teachers come together to organise a special ceremony for the students of Grades 10 and 12.

Celebration of Learning

Celebration of Learning (CoL) is a uniquely Inventure approach. Students work with their teacher-mentors, who help them develop their skills of inquiry and research. Students explore topics of their choice extending and deepening their classroom learning. Scientific inquiry and innovative thinking combine with writing strategies to enable a learner to express his/her learning effectively. In this journey of discovery, the students look at their Problem Statement through a multidisciplinary lens of subjects and perspectives. Their thought process and their research is collated in their Reflective Journal. Their findings, questions and observations become a part of their Information Writing Book. Their creative and innovative ideas are developed in the MakerSpace as ongoing projects. Their thought process and their research is collated in their Reflective Journal. Their findings, questions and observations become a part of their Information Writing Book. Their creative and innovative ideas are developed in the MakerSpace as ongoing projects.

F1 in Schools (Inter School)

On Sunday 3 March 2019 Inventure Academy Campus witnessed over 200 students coming in to participate in the Southern Regional Finals F1 in Schools™ Challenge. We were the venue partners of the World’s Largest STEM Based Technology Challenge where school students aged between 9-19 years design miniature F1 in Schools™ cars using CAD/CAM tools followed by manufacturing their designs on a CNC machine. Inventure will host the regional finals of the event for a second time in March 2020.


Annual Athletics Meet (Inter House)

An inter-house event that focuses on track and field. Athletes compete in a variety of events including sprints, throws and jumps. All winners are awarded points that contribute to both Individual Championships and the House Athletic Championship. This event is conducted over two days.

Inter House Sports Competition (Inter House)

Students from Grades 3 to 12 compete in a variety of team sports including football, basketball, table tennis and cricket. These events are conducted throughout the year during the Physical Education period. All winners are awarded points that contribute to both Individual Championships and the House Athletic Championship.

Annual Swim Meet (Inter House)

Swimmers from Grades 1 to 12 compete in a variety of events including sprints, individual and medley relays. All winners are awarded points that contribute to both Individual Championships and the House Swimming Championship. This event is conducted over two days, one for Primary School and the other for Middle & Senior School.

Inventure Sports Fest (Inter School)

Sport has always been an integral part of our school programme. Inventure’s Sports Fest has been organized to promote sport and to encourage students from schools across the city/country to participate actively in the spirit of true sportsmanship. We believe that having schools participate in tournaments such as this creates opportunities for mutual learning, fosters camaraderie and healthy competition.


Primary TOM (Inter House)

At Inventure, effective collaboration is as crucial as individual brilliance. Both are showcased at the inter-house literary and cultural competitions called the Tournaments of Minds. Students compete in Music, Dance, Speech and Drama, Art and Craft, challenging themselves and their peers. The competitions are held throughout the school year, and the winners contribute to the House points. The Student Council manages the trials, selections and final rounds with the help of faculty. Healthy competition and enthusiastic participation from students make this an exciting and much anticipated event at Inventure.

Annual Musical Production

Every year a section of the school conceptualises and executes an Annual Musical Production to convey a message to the audience and to raise money for a cause they take up for the year. The annual music production is not only a great way of showcasing the student’s talents, it also teaches students many life lessons like commitment, team-work, decision making, prioritising and organising to name a few.

The process begins with the script writing team of students coming together to ideate and write the script along with the directors. After this, each POD takes on its role. Apart from performing, the dance students also give their inputs during choreography and costume making. Similarly the music students give their inputs on music arrangements and sometimes even the lyrics. The costume design students come up with costumes for the cast. The sketch up and video editing students come up with ideas for the LED content, the photography students discover strategies to cover the event. The waste management students learn about ways to best manage waste, and plan and handle the waste management on the show dates; they also make recycled products that will be sold for the benefit of the community outreach program. The art students are part of the stage design and create the props and stage decor for the production. The mechanical automata students are involved in planning and creating automated props for the show. Every student of the section works towards the show in some way, in the process taking away huge amounts of learning.


Arogya Bhagya

Arogya Bhagya is a health camp event for neighbourhood government schools. A day long event, it took place at the Inventure campus and catered to over 300 students from these government schools. The event saw doctors and volunteers from the Inventure community volunteering their time and expertise to provide medical screening and create medical records (or Kahaaniyans) for these less privileged students. The health checks comprised:
  • General medical examination, height, weight, BMI
  • Vision and auditory test
  • Basic dental health check-up
  • Deworming tablets twice a year
Through this event, we hope to improve the general health of students so that they can further enjoy the benefits of education. According to government sources, every year about 2 million children under the age of seven lose their lives due to preventable diseases and we hope to change this through these initiatives.

Holiday Service Project

On Sunday, the 18th of August 2019, some of our students and faculty volunteered their time at SuVitas.

SuVitas is the leading provider of inpatient transition care facilities that enables individuals to ‘Live Again’. SuVitas serves patients who have undergone treatment for serious ailments across neurology, cardiology, orthopedics and early stage oncology, and are not completely recovered to go home. Combining protocol-based care plans with personalized attention in a home-like environment, SuVitas helps individuals achieve enhanced flexibility, strength and independence.

The journey post discharge usually takes a toll on the emotional state of residents and their families, which is why the programme emphasises their emotional well-being through various therapies and engagement activities.

Sundays @ SuVitas is an initiative taken to provide an atmosphere where the residents, their families and speakers come together with cumulative efforts and wellness and motivational speakers are encouraged to share their experiences which would motivate/inspire our residents and their families(care givers) to accept the path they have undertaken for recovery and not give up.

Our students and faculty sang songs and played soothing music for the residents.


The inaugural Inventure Academy Round Square Youth Parliament – Our World, Our Voice was launched with Prof M V Rajeev Gowda and Dr Sumer Singh as Guests of Honor at the opening ceremony. This five day event from 15 to 19 August 2018 was held at Inventure’s campus on Whitefield-Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.164 students from eight schools across India participated in this event.

The focus of this Parliament was our children contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 by 2030 – “Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all”. The specific sub areas of focus included the quality of education and funding, child and cyber safety, and the impact of conflict on the healthy development of youth.

To equip delegates with the necessary tools to begin their changemaking journey at the Parliament, Inventure conducted a series of workshops by leading experts in various fields, including, cyber security, media & communications, law making, design thinking and data analytics.

On the final day of the conference, delegates presented their recommendations to further strengthen and implement policy/laws related to inclusive and equitable quality education, and child protection and safety online in their respective committees.

Further to the Parliament, Inventure students are gathering insights from 5000 students across the country on the issues they face online and what help they need from parents, government, schools, and media. We will translate findings from the surveys into a data-backed, evidence-based charter to present to the Government and the United Nations.

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