Inventure Academy Public Private Partnership  

Inventure Academy Public Private Partnership  

Department of Public Instruction & Whitefield Ready, Adoption of Government Higher School, Ramagondanahalli

To live the our dream for the future, i.e. to create a hundred thousand changemakers by providing Inventure education for kids across the socio-economic spectrum, Inventure Academy, in 2019, adopted Government Higher Primary School, Ramagondanahalli with a vision to transform the current school into a Model English-medium Government School. This 5-year commitment with the Department of Public Instruction, Government of Karnataka, and Whitefield Ready, to work on improving quality of education at Government Higher Primary School, Ramagondanahalli  is an opportunity to explore a sustainable way of scaling up the ‘Inventure way of teaching-learning’ and set it up as a blueprint that can further be shared with other public schools and organizations. 

These projects supplement Government School children’s educational curriculum across various subjects. In the last couple of years, student groups have taught Life Skills, Hands-on Science, Computer Coding on Scratch, English Reading and Writing to children at the Government School.

Four years since the school was adopted by Inventure Academy, a huge jump in the learning outcomes for the children was recorded. In addition, the average student attendance is over 95% and parent participation in school events and parent teacher meetings is as high as 90%. These numbers are higher than for any other government school in Karnataka. 


  • 250% increase in enrolments since the beginning of the partnership
  • A total of 700 students currently enrolled in the school
  • 250 on the waitlist
  • Teach for India (TFI) identified Ramagondanahalli Government School’s Grade 2 as the best class (in TFI 2021-22 cohort) in terms of its planning, curriculum and learning outcomes across the country.
  • In 2023, Grade 8 students at Ramagondanahalli Government School taught by Inventure volunteers won the National CEL Hackathon in second place, winning Rs 15,000 worth of prizes.

Inventure has invested in building a team of qualified and experienced teaching professionals, the current count at 26, all of them on Inventure payroll. Inventure’s team members associated with the school have spent more than 135 hours with RGH teachers alone in the last Academic Year. We have successfully adapted from Inventure’s Flagship Programs: The English Reading & Writing Workshop and The Theme Curriculum for Primary.

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