Performing & Visual Arts


In primary and pre-primary school, children have music, art and dance as an integral part of their curriculum. Besides these, KG- Grade 5 have PODs which include acting, gymnastics and more as electives. PODs, from the idea of ‘peas in a pod’ means students and teachers work together on non- academic activities they are both interested in, which encourage and sharpen skills in the areas of performance and visual arts. From Grade 6, children can choose music, art, drama, dance, video editing, photography, fashion designing and marketing as PODs, which then feed into the Annual Musical Production at the end of the year, which is a culmination of all this creative learning and output. Children absorb and germinate life skills like cooperative learning, roleplay, and inner reflection and are given a chance to explore their unique talent and potential to shine.

Visual Arts

Our visual arts curriculum teaches students how to see, compose and design – and how to manipulate various media in a compelling, original and personally meaningful manner. Art is a co-curricular subject for the younger classes, part of an integrated curriculum that gives students the fundamentals of the visual arts through fun activities. In middle school it becomes an option under Beyond Academics, called Art POD and provides intensive mentoring for students who opt to be part of the Art Crew for the school’s annual stage production. It becomes an elective as Art and Design for the IGCSE and ICSE levels. At our well-equipped, airy and funky art studio, students explore 2D and 3D art: they draw, paint, design, take photographs, make prints and explore the digital arts, video & animation, clay modelling, study art history, and more. They are exposed to art forms and processes, indigenous crafts and techniques as well artists from India and all over the world, both new and established. Our alumni are now pursuing higher degrees at some of the world’s best art and design schools.


In our bright dance studio, we focus on ‘Dance Active’ – crossover dance styles that include Indo-jazz, hip-hop and contemporary. Primary School children develop confidence, self-awareness, teamwork, coordination, isolation, spatial awareness, body-mind connection and the basics of technique, as well as understanding terminology and the history of dance. By Grade 5, the students develop a sense of rhythm and musicality and of the basic principles of choreography.


We encourage all our students, from Kindergarten onwards to create, perform and respond to music. The music curriculum balances an understanding of the fundamentals of music for the younger Grades, a good exposure of styles and genres for music appreciation and having the students play their hearts out in their ‘Class Jams’. With our music partner TAAQ Academy and a vibrant music studio, students are trained to sing and play, solo and in groups. Our studio is equipped with an exciting array of musical instruments that students can experiment with. Music is an integral part of all our school events, from assembly to special functions, and of course, the Annual Musical Production.

Annual Musical Production

Every year, this entertaining event brings together the skills and talents of a different section of our gifted and industrious students. The children conceptualise and execute a musical production based on an issue or cause they feel must be communicated, one they may have come across during their community outreach work. On stage, music, dance and drama predominate. However, there are many other interests and talents at play behind the scenes. Art students create backdrops and props, digital art students design the LED screens that light up the performers, Maker Space students create automated props, and cooking students plan and make snacks for the day. This fun, vibrant production besides showcasing talents, also imparts a host of life lessons and skills like discipline, hard work, commitment, team-work, decision making, and organisation. The PODs feed into this, as do the community outreach modules, and our Core Purpose of creating ‘socially responsible citizens’.

Students performing at the Primary School Annual Production - Message in a Bottle, 2018
Students performing at the Primary School Annual Production - Message in a Bottle, 2018
Middle School students performing in school events
Students performing at the HS & MS School Annual Production - The Road not taken, 2019


Primary students are introduced to Yogic Science and its importance. Students learn the correlation of Yoga and mindfulness, values, Yamas (Don’t’s) & Niyamas (Do’s) through stories, compassion and and personality development. Students are introduced to Asanas (physical postures) and meditation by the time they finish Grade 5.

Kindergarteners performing yoga
Kindergartners Yoga Class
Primary School students in the Yoga room
Primary School students in the Yoga room
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