For children who need learning support and remedial care, Inventure Academy designs interventions through its Learning Lab. Children with special educational needs (SEN), i.e. children with learning difficulties as well as accelerated / gifted students benefit greatly from this innovative and committed initiative. Because each child’s needs and abilities differ, Special Educators assess and observe students, and draw up an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for each child. Our faculty is trained in the use of customised tool sets, and modern equipment is used in combination with our own indigenous learning methods. The goal is to mainstream children by Grade 8 in a progressive and comprehensive way.


To maintain our high standards as the best international school in Bangalore, Inventure Academy has designed a scientific teaching-learning and resource management paradigm. The Academic Quality Management System (AQMS) optimizes effort, and ensures consistency and efficiency in every part of our functioning – from everyday implementation of routine tasks to admissions, infrastructure, HR, student welfare and even academics. Every member of the faculty and each student has a Balanced Scorecard which assesses performance and achievements and sets benchmarks and targets. A school-wide management system supports the AQMS and enhances communication between all the members of our community.


As one of Bangalore’s best schools, Inventure Academy has high standards to uphold. The Inventure Academy Awards have been instituted to reinforce the values that the school holds dear – those of excellence in academics, sports, inventive thinking, performing and creative arts, and leadership. We work from the premise that rewards build self-esteem and loyalty to the class, House and School. The awards are based on quantifiable criteria so that students are aware of the parameters to be achieved to win an award of their choice. We have also devised the system in such a way that all our students can work towards winning these awards.

  • The Inventure Academy Multi-Achiever’s Cap
  • The Inventure Academy Inventive Thinker
  • The Inventure Academy Scholar’s Cap
  • The Nurturer Award
  • The Irfan Razack Award for the Most Enterprising Student
  • The Da Vinci Award for Innovation in Art
  • The Astad Deboo Award for Dance & Movement
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