Persuasive Letters

Preschool student persuasive letters showcase

Persuasive skill is an important leadership skill which helps to influence others to achieve goals as well as be the changemakers the world is in need of. We at Inventure, are letting our young budding authors hone this skill by persuading their readers through letters.

Persuasive writing can help children develop critical thinking skills and build their self-confidence. During this unit, the talented authors wrote letters on topics home, school and community. They learnt various strategies and gathered facts, reasons, examples and also made promises in order to make their letters an effective one in convincing their readers. Opportunities like this empowers our students to bring a change by influencing others and also see a miniscule problem through an author’s lens and discover a solution for it through their writing.

Dear Dad,

Did you know that books help us pursue our knowledge and learn new morals? I want a new book – here are the reasons why I need a new book.
  • It should be a non-fiction book.Firstly, I want to learn more information about the world.
  • I am curious to know about the world. I will be able to become a teacher when I grow up if I know all about the world. 
  • Lastly, I like exploring more about the world using books. 
Please give me any non fiction book about the world that you can find. For all these reasons , I think you should bring me a new book. I promise to not tear my new book.
Regards, Shreshta Prasanna  Grade1

Dear Ms. Meenakshi Myer,

How are you? Hope you are safe. Did you know that children who go to school are happier than those who don’t. I am writing this letter to ask you to allow us back to school. I want to come back to school because of these reasons.

Firstly I want to play with the dogs and pet them. I want to pet the dogs because it will help me calm down before the next class plus I love petting dogs. I promise to wash my hands each time I pet the dogs.

Secondly it will reduce the stress on my eyes. Did you know that screen time hurts the eyes and affects concentration power? I promise not to watch too much TV but instead play with friends.

Finally I also think that learning is better in school. I feel that reading improves when we are in school and that we learn many new things. For all these reasons, I think you should allow us to go to school

Thanking you,
Kabir Singh
Grade 1

Persuasive Letters
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