Inventurers work with Step up for India

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During the summer of 2021, Sahil Dalal (Grade 10) led a team of fellow 10th graders to help animate videos for Step Up for India’s K-GET (Karnataka Govt. English Textbook) videos program.

Step Up For India is a 9 year old non-profit organisation that develops and implements programs to teach English to children in low-income and government schools. There was a need to add remote and self-learning capabilities since COVID caused extended school closures. Due to the contributions of Sahil and his team, we at Step Up for India were able to create content that would encourage and assist self learning abilities of 60k students across 698 Govt schools in Karnataka.

The K-GET videos allow students to learn to read and comprehend English lessons from their Govt. textbooks independently at home. Sahil and his team animated all the stories and poems in the 2nd language English textbooks of Grades 3-7 over the course of 3 months. These videos have been uploaded to the Government’s open DIKSHA platform. These videos can also be accessed by scanning the QRcode from sheets provided by Step Up for India to students in sponsored schools (see pictures) . This program is receiving overwhelming praise from students, parents, teachers and Karnataka Education Department officials. Step Up for India is now working to create such videos for 2nd language English textbooks for other states of India.

K-GET video learning

Sahil Dalal displayed impressive animation skills and professionalism while working with Step Up for India’s content development team. He was very quick in grasping the requirements and suggesting effective solutions in a timely fashion. He was able to inspire fellow students Aarsh Desai, Dhrithi Raj, Neelesh Mishra, Sai Sripad Modali, Siddharth Raju Mantena and Varun Aditya Sathe to join him in this work. The team completed good quality work in very good time. Sahil showed excellent leadership and project management skills and we look forward to collaborating with Sahil and his friends during the summer break of 2022 as well, to help us animate Govt. English textbooks for Chhattisgarh.

Thank you students of Inventure Academy! You have made a huge difference to thousands of children across Karnataka!

For more information about Step Up for India’s work please visit.

Inventurers work with Step up for India
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