Small Moments

Preschool students in school campus

In our unit on ‘Small Moments’, our young dynamic writers scribed about important events from their lives.When it comes to personal narrative writing,it helps students to pivot making a list of things they did and instead begin to focus on that one small moment that really impacted them.

One day I woke up and I was feeling a little tingly because I was going to Patna! I did my brush, took bath and changed my clothes. My mom did the same. Then we were packing. I packed my charging wire, my tablet, my laptop and my colouring book. And off we went to the taxi. “I cant wait” , “ me too”! So we went to the airport.

The airport was huge. After we were done exploring the airport me and my mom were hungry. We went to a restaurant nearby. We ate french fries, paneer and rice and donuts. Then we were waiting for the plane. WHile we were waiting I was watching my tablet. Some time later the plane came. We went inside a plane. It was huge. It was flying in the sky. I was excited to go to my nanis house. My mom said “ it will take four hours to get there ok”. “Ok”. We were eating our lunch. My lunch was a chicken burger and chocolate glazed sprinkle donyt. “Yum!” After we were done eating our lunch  I was waiting to land. FInally we landed in patna. We took a taxi to get there. Atlast we were here. I felt happy to see my nani. “Yay” I said I ran to my nanis house.

The end
Don’t worry there is more of small moments to look out ! Thank you for reading my small moment.
My Baby sister – Siddarth Mitra

Hello readers. In this story I’m going to share my fondest small moment of my life. Happy reading!

One day it was 16 of July. the day  my mom was going to give birth to my baby sister “ I am so excited & happy” I said. So that day we went to the hospital. There my mom’s  room was 303.

WHile my mom was having her first check up, my dad was sitting on the sofa. My mom was taken for surgery. I burst into tears waiting for so long. Then I heard a baby cry and a doctor came out and said” it’s a girl”. Next we went in to the NICU. I was thrilled to see my sister. On the 3rd day we left. When we got home there were balloons everywhere and a WELCOME BABY balloon!!

The end.

 My Invention – Sahil Prasad Shahane

On a bright sunny morning, something happened. Do you know what that something was? So, I was eating dry fruits and nuts when I squashed a blueberry. It became a squishy fleshy substance. Then I pressed it against an almond, it took the shape of the almond. I tried and tried to shape it around the whole almond but I couldn’t shape it. So I added two more blueberries and this time I succeeded. I realized that I had invented my first toffee/ It felt amazing. It was dark blue in colour, it smelled fruity and yummy. Yay!

Then I gave it to a baba, he said ”WOW! Its yummy! “ I asked “really!”

I then made four more toffees and kept them in the freezer. After taking it out we gave it the name ALBLUE POPPERS. I tasted it, it was soft from the outside and crunchy from the inside. I felt awesome.

It was one of the best moments in my life.

Have you ever invented something?

Small Moments
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