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4 days away from home

I read the email with wide eyes. 4 days away from home continuously! I couldn’t believe it. I felt as if my head would burst with excitement. I didn’t know whether I could go or not. That is what worried me. My parents couldn’t pay the travel fees on time! I really wanted to go though. Luckily, my parents made an arrangement with Nikita’s mom and she would pay the fees for me and my parents. I was so relieved that I can’t explain it. Once I got the word from my parents that I could go, my heart did many little flips. I quickly got the list of things that were needed and started taking everything out. My mom packed everything in a black and orange bag. She added a NIKE hiking bag. Once everything was ready, I thought about the leaving day. I just could not wait for the Outbound Trip.

Finally, the day of the Outbound Trip arrived. I had to leave early in the morning. I got in the car with Aditi and left home around 4:30 a.m. We reached school around 5:00 a.m. A huge crowd of 4th and 5th graders were already there. People were chatting, checking through bags, or sitting somewhere .I carefully followed my parents through the crowd. Aditi and I waited in line for our identity cards. I was nervous and excited at the same time. After getting the identity cards, I bustled through the crowd towards my parents. I just stood there when someone called out “4th graders please make a line!” This was the final moment. I carried my bag and tried my best to get into the line. I could hear my heart pounding. I finally made it through and got into the bus……

The bus ride was better than I expected. I had an amazing time. I chatted with my friends and played small card games like UNO. I slept part of the ride to pass the time away. I had few snacks to eat during the ride in case I was hungry. I ate one chocolate bar. There were biscuits in the bus too, but I didn’t eat much of them. We stopped for bathroom breaks in the middle of the ride. We had meals in small restaurants. At last we reached Coorg and parked near our camp. We got into jeeps to get to the camp since the Bus couldn’t take the narrow path to the camp. We passed a beautiful waterfall on the way.

Coorg is known for its natural beauty. It is mainly visited to see the coffee plantations. The misty mountains are also attractive. People can trek, hike, do bouldering and more…….In Coorg, the girls stayed in rooms and the boys stayed in dormitories. I slept in a room that takes four people. My roommates were Aditi,Kria and Diya. Our room had two beds and a bathroom. Two people could fit on one bed. We slept on sleeping bags in case there was any creepy- crawlies. The room was comfortable.

During the trip, we had many activities around the nature. Inventure had tied up with Inme organization to keep us engaged on the out bound trip .On the first day; we reached the Inme camps the middle of the day so we did not do much. On the second day, we went hiking and were supposed to go bouldering. Unluckily, we didn’t do bouldering since the rocks were wet and mossy. I was really disappointed because it was going to be my first time. The next day, we went trekking. The weather was bad so we got drenched on the way back. It was really frustrating. We were wet from head to toe. When the fourth day came, we tried bouldering but they were wet from the rain that happened yesterday. Finally, on the fifth day, the day we came back from the trip, we went bouldering at Ramnagar. We were supposed to go rappelling but sadly….it was DARK!!!! Despite missing one activity, I liked doing all the adventurous activities during my trip to Coorg.

The instructors were awesome at camp. They were very nice and helpful. They would take out insects or spiders out from our rooms. They would teach us how to take out insects like leeches out from our shoes. They would keep us happy during the trip. They cracked jokes and taught us new games like CLAP CLAP BANG BANG. The instructors did their best to give us the opportunity to do any activity we wanted. The Outbound Trip would have been dull without the instructors in the camp.

The weather did not want to cooperate. Some days it was foggy or rainy. On other days it was cloudy! Few days were sunny. When we planned to do the outdoor activities, the bad weather would turn up to ruin our days. Though that was case, we did our best to enjoy the time we had outside. The food was awesome .It was mostly Indian Cuisine, I liked it. It was almost like my mom’s cooking but not quite. On the fifth day we wounded up and started out trip back to school. We stopped at Ramnagar for few more excitement and food. The Outbound Trip was filled with fun and excitement. I loved the Outbound Trip. It was surely something I never had experienced before……

Maanasi Vinay Nair

4th Grade